Infant diaper machine maintenance

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According to the development trend of the maintenance method of infant diaper machine, that is, from post-maintenance to regular preventive maintenance, to planned regular inspection, and arrange planned maintenance. With the development of detection technology, large, delicate and rare equipment is developing in the direction of proper maintenance.

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1. After the maintenance of the infant diaper machine

This refers to fault damage repair, which has no maintenance cycle, but equipment failure and damage, and only repairs are carried out for the purpose of restoring normal operation. There is a lot of randomness in how much to fix and how the production is scheduled, depending on the situation.

2. Regular maintenance of the infant diaper machine

This refers to planned preventive maintenance, which takes the use time of the equipment as the time node. Once the use time reaches the predetermined time node, the prescribed maintenance must be carried out. Regular maintenance diaper machinery can be fully prepared in advance according to standardized maintenance procedures, which can reduce maintenance workload and downtime. This method is more suitable for the maintenance of machines and parts that have not been put into operation for a long time, and indeed plays an important role in the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment.


3. Condition maintenance of infant diaper machine

This refers to the state inspection and maintenance, generally CNC and digital display machines. It is not based on the state characteristics of the machine, but through the online inspection software and the diagnostic instrument that comes with the machine to predict and display the results to determine the maintenance content.

4. Opportunistic maintenance of infant diaper machine

diaper machinery Opportunistic maintenance is a maintenance activity carried out simultaneously in the presence of regular maintenance and random maintenance, it does not cause production loss, and the implementation of such maintenance can bring economic benefits.

Mechanical maintenance

Two other infant diaper machine maintenance methods are mentioned here for your reference: Total Production Maintenance TPM: Total Personnel, Total System, Total Efficiency, by establishing a production maintenance method involving the whole system of personnel to achieve optimal operation of the machine.

Total Quality Planned Maintenance TPQM: Emphasizes quality processes, specifications, and maintenance functions, with a focus on selecting the best maintenance methods and applying them effectively to achieve high standards of quality, safety, machine reliability, efficient utilization, and economic resource management.

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