Repair Steps and Methods of Best Automatic Diaper Machine Electrical Equipment

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Sometimes, when the machine to make diapers malfunction, in fact, the electrical wiring and electrical equipment itself is not malfunctioning, but the mechanical linkage part is malfunctioning. Therefore, when we troubleshoot the electrical equipment, we should not neglect to check the best automatic diaper machine part to troubleshoot, adjust and repair the mechanical part.

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1. Best automatic diaper machine electrical equipment repair search steps


Measurement method: measurement of voltage, current and resistance

(1) measuring voltage, current. Is based on the electrical equipment and lines of power supply, supply voltage to measure the voltage and current value of the corresponding point. The measured voltage value, current value and the normal value of the comparison, so as to analyze and determine the cause of the failure of electrical equipment.

(2) Measuring resistance. Find information to find out the normal resistance of electrical equipment, and then measure the resistance, the measured resistance compared with the normal value, so as to determine the on-off situation of electrical equipment, the cause of the failure. The advantage of resistance measurement method is safe, the disadvantage is that when the measured resistance value is not accurate, it is easy to cause errors in judgment. When measuring resistance, be sure to disconnect the power supply, if the circuit is connected in parallel with other circuits, the circuit and other circuits must be disconnected, otherwise the measured resistance value is inaccurate, leading to errors in judgment.

Replacement component method, step-by-step open circuit method

(1) replacement component method: the cause of failure of certain circuits, can be initially identified as caused by a component, in order to ensure the safety of the situation, you can replace the component with a good performance, so as to determine whether the fault is caused by damage to the component.

(2) open-circuit method: when the electrical circuit short-circuit or grounding, there are generally obvious external smoke, sparks and scorching traces, etc.. Through observation can often be ruled out. When encountering a short circuit or grounding fault that is difficult to check, multiple branches can be connected in parallel circuit, and then judged by measuring one by one. When checking, it is recommended to use the meter to check. According to themachine to make diapers repair law, I think it is not good to check with the power-on method, becausebest automatic diaper machine electrical equipment and wiring failure, a strong short-circuit current is easy to burn components and equipment.

 machine to make diapers

2. Best automatic diaper machine electrical equipment repair to find the method


Short-circuit method

Electrical equipment and line faults, often more for the disconnection fault. Such as wire disconnection, poor contact, loose, false welding, false welding, fuse melting, etc.. In addition to such faults with resistance method, voltage method of inspection, there is a more simple and reliable method, is the shorting method. The method is to use a well-insulated wire, the suspected broken parts of the short circuit connected, such as shorted to a certain place, the circuit work back to normal, that the break. This method can quickly find the best automatic diaper machine fault, many electricians like to do so. However, it must be noted: when shorting, do not be careful not to short the wrong connection.


Current method

In fact, electrical equipment maintenance personnel in the maintenance of electrical equipment and wiring, if the use of a clamp-on ammeter to check the fault, is also a very good way. When the electrical equipment is faulty, the current is subject to change. Use the ammeter to observe the current, but also can quickly determine the fault. If the motor three-phase current is too large, it is overload; if the three-phase is unbalanced, it may be a problem of short circuit between the turns of the motor winding. For the electrical equipment itself is faulty, but need to energize to find the cause of the fault, the energizing time cannot be too long. For example, if the three-phase motor is out of phase, the motor will be burned if the power is turned on for a long time.


All of the above is the best automatic diaper machine electrical equipment, electrical wiring itself when the failure of fault finding methods.

Check the steps and methods of analysis of electrical equipment, according to different fault situations, flexible master, so as to quickly and effectively find the fault point, determine the cause of the fault, in order to timely troubleshooting.

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