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Adult Diaper Making Machine
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Adult Diaper Making Machine in India

Adult Diaper Making Machine in India . It is able to produce adult diaper in three sizes, size M/L/XL. Stable working speed 350pcs/min for M size. Product structure:Legcuff NW., Topsheet NW., ADL, Pad (Lower NW + fluff core+SAP mixed+Upper NW), PE film, Laminated NW., Frontal tape, PP tape, Cuff elastic, Leg elastic. HAINA diaper machine has the characteristics of excellent performance, high production stability, lower rejection rate, more automatic and easier operation.So Indian customers are quite satisfied with HAINA diaper machines. HAINA with its popularity in India, attract more and more Indian customers come to us for building long-term cooperation relationship.

Why Choose Us
Complete range
Haina Machinery manufactures is well experienced in many kinds of disposable hygiene product machine, including Sanitary napkin making machine, pull-ups baby diaper production line (Classic & New type), full surround T-shape baby diaper manufacturing machine, Adult & Menstrual pant machine, Adult diaper Equipment, Pantyliner machine and so on.
Our team of in-house service technicians and engineers provides both preventive and emergency packaging equipment service.
we can offer the customized plan for every customer, give them many good advice too.
Our Patents
we own various patents that cover Inventive Patent, Utility Model Patent & Design Patent. In the coming years, we will continue to invest in R&D and deliver better manufacturing solutions for our clients.
Honors & Certificates
HAINA Machinery has proudly passed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System and ISO 4001:2015 Environmental Management System.
Quality Control
Checking the dynamic balance
The dynamic balance test of the rotating part is carried out by the domestic advanced balancing machine, according to different speed and loads of the spare parts, to ensure all spare parts are stable during running.
Operator Training
Providing thorough training to machine operators on quality control procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and maintenance protocols.
Machine Performance Testing
Conducting periodic performance tests to ensure that the diaper machine meets specified standards for production speed, product dimensions, and functionality.

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Market And Technology Leader!


Market And Technology Leader!

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