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How can head hygiene products companies make efforts in the field of adult incontinence products?

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-03-27

The world is currently facing an aging population. With the decline in the birth rate of infants and the prolongation of the life expectancy of the elderly, the increase in the number of adult urinary incontinence patients has made adult incontinence products the fastest growing sub-category of absorbent hygiene products. The market strives to meet the changing needs of consumers.

So, how did the world's leading hygiene products companies develop the field of adult incontinence products?

1. Ontex solves the problem of shame

In August, Belgian hygiene company Ontex launched its first incontinence digital subscription brand, A Lovely Day, to protect people from the stigma of incontinence as much as it protects them from incontinence itself.

According to Maarten veranck, external communications manager at Ontex, the A Lovely Day brand is known for offering a range of high-quality products with candid communication on a fully online and subscription basis. A Lovely Day is launching first in the French market, with the potential to launch in other markets, similar to Ontex's baby care subscription service Little Big Change, which is currently available in six countries.


For incontinence patients, the online/subscription model allows patients to maintain their privacy. According to a 2019 study by the French public opinion research institute IFOP (Institut d'études opinion et marketing en France et à l'international), 43% of French respondents considered incontinence a taboo topic, with those over 50 years old More than 30% of people.

"The act of buying incontinence protection is often synonymous with embarrassment rather than freedom," Veranck added. People can usually buy protection quickly in the store without taking the time to identify the right product for their needs. These factors make the acquisition an anxious time. That's why A Lovely Day offers personalized but discreet solutions in neutral packaging. "

Ontex is also accelerating innovation in the adult care market by developing smart solutions to improve patient care. Ontex combines high-quality diapers with printed sensors, transmitters that clip onto the diaper, and an app for mobile devices.

This combination can accurately determine diaper saturation and the risk of diapering, and alert caregivers when a diaper change is required. This allows for tailored, personalised self-controlled support for patients, which contributes to the well-being of users, families and carers. Smart diapers also reduce the environmental impact of care facilities, reducing unnecessary diaper use and laundry costs.

Ontex's goal is to develop and promote better incontinence management and improve the quality of life of incontinent patients. It will also be a huge help for caregivers,” said Xavier Lambrecht, President of Ontex Healthcare. “This new smart diaper is the result of a long-term innovation program at our Adult Care R&D Center. It will reduce the time hospital and nursing home staff spend on incontinence care, freeing up time and budget for other essential care tasks. "

02. Santex expands in the US

Santex SpA, a global leader in incontinence products, surgical dressings and orthopaedic products, acquired Parentgiving, Inc., a retailer of elderly care products, last year. The two companies have integrated their businesses and are developing a broader product portfolio for expansion in the U.S., Parentgiving's Dry Direct incontinence product.

The acquisition of Parentgiving allows Santex to bring its world-class incontinence and personal care products to the U.S. market, gain coveted direct-to-consumer capabilities, and quadruple its U.S. business.

Currently, Parentgiving has expanded the Dry Direct incontinence product line, adding world-class comfort, softness and high performance. As the leader in high-end incontinence products, the new product line creates an undisputed market space with a higher standard in comfort and incontinence care performance.