Management and maintenance methods of diaper machinery

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Production is inseparable from mechanical processing equipment. All kinds of equipment may be worn out and some failures may occur in daily production. In order to protect diaper production line, it is necessary to start with daily management and maintenance to reduce the probability of failure and prolong the life of equipment. On the basis of ensuring the production quality of the enterprise, it can maximize the economic benefits. The article talks about its management and maintenance methods on  diaper machinery.

 diaper machinery

1. Improve the quality of  diaper machinery management in the early stage  

Many companies will ignore the quality of early mechanical management, which not only affects the company's perception of equipment, but also leads to improper operation. Moreover, the mechanical information recorded in the early stage is also an important reference material for the maintenance personnel to work. When purchasing the corresponding machinery, enterprises must first understand the specific parameters, functions and component models, and do a good job in the management of mechanical performance records, so as to lay a good foundation for extending the service life of mechanical equipment.


Secondly, according to the different production links, the mechanical equipment should be classified according to the corresponding performance, and the suitable work should be selected.

Third, it is necessary to record according to the machinery manual, the safety, practicability and degree of damage of the equipment itself, and inform the factory staff of the contents of the record, so that the staff can treat machinery with different characteristics differently. Finally, after the preliminary record management is initially completed, it is necessary to further consider how to improve the use efficiency of the machinery, maximize the use value within the allowable range of performance, and generate income for the enterprise.

 Diaper Production Line

2. Formulate a scientific  diaper machinery daily maintenance system

The daily maintenance of mechanical equipment can effectively eliminate the risk of use, improve the working quality of the equipment, and prolong its life.

First of all, enterprises should place the equipment in a dry and ventilated factory, avoid exposing mechanical equipment to sunlight, and do not place it in a humid environment to prevent the surface metal coating from oxidizing, causing aging and corrosion.


Secondly, when the work is completed, place various accessories, related tools and detachable parts uniformly to prevent the phenomenon of missing parts in the next use. Finally, clean the equipment regularly. General cleaning mainly includes parts smearing and lubrication, parts cleaning, wiping of accumulated dust on the surface, and removal of internal product residues. For the daily maintenance of machinery, professionals should be selected. In daily maintenance, maintenance records should be made, and maintenance time, personnel, and work content should be recorded in detail, so as to facilitate future inspections, in-depth understanding of the cause of the failure, and lay the foundation for the high-quality production of the enterprise .


3. Practice the  diaper machinery scrapping system

The service life of mechanical equipment is relatively strict. Once the service life is exceeded or an accident occurs, it is necessary to replace parts or overall equipment in time. To build a machinery scrapping system, first of all, it is necessary to regularly check the degree of aging during the process. For example, if its overall operation is slow or some functions have been unable to achieve, it must be reported to the management office to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the damage degree of the equipment. If it is determined to be a problem with the parts, it can be repaired and continued to be used. If ordinary maintenance has been unable to improve the use effect, it must pass the enterprise approval process and be included in the scrapped ranks.


4. Improve the professional skills of  diaper machinery management and maintenance personnel

In order to better protect and manage machinery, enterprises must improve the professional skills of management and maintenance personnel. First, when selecting management and maintenance personnel, skills need to be screened and investigated, and those with professional skills are selected to apply for jobs. Secondly, in daily work, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the skills training of maintenance management personnel to improve maintenance capabilities. We can invite experts to answer common questions maintenance managers have and guide them in their work. Finally, it is necessary to introduce innovative technologies within the enterprise to lay a solid foundation for the improvement of its capabilities.

 diapers equipment

The work of the enterprise is rich in content and high in technical requirements. The enterprise should pay close attention to the ability supervision of internal maintenance personnel, implement a strict assessment system, regularly test personal ability and knowledge mastery, ensure the safety of  diaper machinery, and also cultivate more high-quality talents for the development of the enterprise. Better management and maintenance of machines.

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