Analysis of the Causes Generated by sanitary napkins making machine Error

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-10-10

sanitary napkins making machine processing error is an important basis for reflecting the quality of the workpiece, once the error exceeds the allowable range of error, then the workpiece is no longer valuable, not only brings economic losses, but also wastes the valuable time of personnel, but as long as the specific causes of error, and the use of targeted solutions to give solutions, in order to effectively avoid errors or reduce errors. This paper also mainly analyzes and discusses the causes of errors and proposes some solution measures for personnel reference to improve the quality of their workpiece processing.

  sanitary napkins making machine

1. Main causes of errors in sanitary napkins making machine

Geometric error

The processing error of the spindle rotation error caused by the different processing methods is not the same. In the sanitary napkins making machine processing bore and outer circle, spindle radial rotation error through the production can also cause the cylindricity and roundness error of the workpiece, but in general is not affected by the processing of the workpiece end face. Spindle axial rotation error usually does not play a big role in the impact of machining bore and outer circle, but for the flatness and perpendicularity of the machined end face has a critical impact.

Tool, fixture and positioning reference error

The positioning elements on the fixture cannot be made absolutely accurate according to the basic dimensions, and their actual dimensions (or positions) are allowed to vary within the tolerances specified respectively. But if the positioning error changes beyond the tolerance allowed range, it will cause the workpiece and fixture gap, and in the dry mesh sanitary napkin mechanical processing process to produce a large amount of position change, resulting in best sanitary napkins machine processing parts error.

Process system deformation of the error generated by the force

sanitary napkins making machine processing process due to the process system deformation of the error generated by the workpiece stiffness, tool stiffness and machine tool components stiffness of the three factors. Its internal has many complex parts, so the stiffness of various parts of the mechanical parts processing errors also have a certain impact.


  best sanitary napkins machine

2. Sanitary napkins making machine in the processing of the error improvement of effective measures

Directly reduce or eliminate the error method

Improve the accuracy of machine tools, fixtures, gauges and tools used in the processing of the workpiece, control the process system force, heat deformation, etc. can be to the purpose. In order to improve processing accuracy, the method should be implemented according to the specific situation after identifying the main factors that produce processing errors. The processing of precision parts, should improve the accuracy used as much as possible, and control the deformation during processing, the processing of low stiffness parts, mainly to reduce the force deformation of the workpiece, the processing of forming surface parts, mainly to reduce the shape error of the forming tool and the installation error of the prop.

Compensation or offset error method

Error compensation method, is to artificially cause a new error to offset the original error in the original process system. Error offset method is to use the original one error to offset another error, try to make the two equal and reverse. No essential difference between the two methods, production is collectively referred to as error compensation.

Error transfer method

The original error of the process system can be made under certain conditions to transfer it to the direction that does not affect the processing accuracy or the non-important direction of the error. In this way, a higher machining accuracy can be obtained without reducing the original error. By the method of error transfer, it is possible to process high precision parts with sanitary napkins making machine of general accuracy.


In conclusion, excessive errors can not only affect the machining accuracy and quality of the workpiece, but usually also cause the scrapping of the workpiece, but for sanitary napkins making machine processing, errors are difficult to avoid, so it is necessary to find out the specific causes of errors and develop different solution measures according to different causes in order to make the errors be effectively controlled.


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