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Wu Xiang, founder of the forest family brand - diapers and pull-up pants

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-07

Mr. Wu Xiang is the co-founder of the forest family brand. Under his leadership, the forest family series of diapers have obtained dozens of national patents, and have successively developed a comprehensive personalized skin care system based on green, safe and environmentally friendly materials combined with skin genetic testing and phenotypic testing, emphasizing on understanding and quantifying the material level in all aspects. Provide personalized solutions for infant care based on the premise of skin phenotype data.

1. The development history of the forest family diaper brand

The ultimate technical control: EU GMPC certification (German quality), the advent of the unique baby diaper material and skin database system

In front of him was Wu Xiang, who was in his early forties, wearing a suit and leather shoes, with a flat head and the appearance of a veteran cadre. Mr. Wu joined the army in 2001, studied medicine, and was discharged in 2006. In 2007, he started a family and had a child of his own. In 2009, he entered the diaper industry without hesitation. After five years of continuous exploration, study, research, and precipitation.


"From the establishment to the present, various factors seem to be coincidences, but in fact, it is the accumulation and persistence that have led us to the present step by step. In addition to accident, it also contains inevitability. Just like diapers, many people will think that it is easy to do. , but it is actually very difficult to do well. When I first entered the industry, I thought it was easy, but it will become more and more difficult to do.”

Mr. Wu Xiang convened a group of like-minded partners to start a business together. These include the first batch of diaper equipment engineers at home and abroad, new material research and development doctors, and have established in-depth cooperative relations with German Charité dermatology experts and doctoral supervisors of skin genomics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 2015, the R&D team was formally established. After five years of polishing, the time paid off. In the team's in-depth research and cooperation, the advent of the diaper material and baby skin care database system has become the first venture of the forest family brand. The result, 18 years of experience in medical and production research and development, deeply embeds the rigor of scientific researchers in the blood, and hopes to pass on the concept of health to the public through his own exploration of medical health, so as to serve more babies and babies.

Diapers are disposable products, which are made of non-woven fabrics, toilet paper, fluff pulp, polymer absorbent resin, PE film, rubber bands and other materials. Among them, the core technology is "core" and green, safe and environmentally friendly materials.

"Without this all-round technological innovation study, there would not be today's Forest Family diaper brand. Why we always insist on making innovative, green, safe and environmentally friendly materials and embark on a differentiated path for sensitive skin. It is because of the Forest Family The brand was born on the idea of caring for the mental health of young children." Wu Xiang said. It is also from this successful research and development that it can create a healthy and environmentally friendly diaper product belonging to the Chinese people.

Relevant consumer surveys show that the new generation of parents after the 8090s hope that diapers have the properties of breathability, softness, absorption capacity, safety and no irritation.

After 5 years of research and development, the forest family brand will be officially launched in the market in 2020, with a water-absorbing polymer content of more than 1000ml, and still ensure the lightness, softness and breathability of diapers. The forest family brand has truly achieved "thin and absorbent", "soft and dry" at the same time, solved the pain points that the first, second and third generation core diapers could not solve, and satisfied the new parents' desire for "fine parenting". Nursing needs also provide babies with a more comfortable and healthier diaper wearing experience.


2. The advantages of the forest family diaper brand

All along, domestic consumers, especially high-end groups, have been skeptical of Chinese brands. Wu Xiang thought of "saving the country by curve", and took the diapers of the forest family brand to the world to accept various authoritative certifications. For example, the forest family brand diapers has obtained the US FDA, EU CE, German GS, German DERMATEST, ISO9001 quality certification, becoming one of the very few domestic diaper brands that has simultaneously obtained the five major international certifications, and is also the first domestic initiative to submit inspections and pass the Swiss SGS The domestic diaper brand with zero formaldehyde and zero fluorescent agent detection has the qualification to export to European and American countries.

"We want a third party to prove that our products are good, and the products have to go abroad. These certifications can also play a role. For example, we will soon export our products to Germany. If we are in such a harsh market environment in Germany, our Products can be recognized, and in turn, they can be recognized by domestic consumers." Wu Xiang said.

At present, the forest family brand series products are mainly distributed in central, eastern, southwestern and eastern China. With the development of Internet+, the sales channels of the forest family brand will exceed 2,000 nationwide in April 2022. At the same time, the Baoma social networking and knowledge sharing center and the product experience center with shopping function will be enhanced.

Different from the mature foreign markets, Wu Xiang believes that the Chinese market is full of vitality and opportunities are everywhere under the competition of more than 1,200 Chinese enterprises. However, he also mentioned that due to the low threshold of the industry, a large number of enterprises are speculative, and the industry is chaotic, thus losing the trust of domestic consumers.

"I hope the state will strengthen supervision in this regard, drive out bad ones, cultivate good brands, let domestic brands regain the trust of consumers, and even win back the foreign brand market." Wu Xiang said.

When it comes to the future, Wu Xiang, a "military-born", said that he admires Huawei, which has been focusing on technology and product research and development for a long time. in order to maintain a sustained leading edge. "I hope that through the continuous efforts of our team, the forest family brand can drive development with technological innovation, create better products, and be respected by the market and recognized by consumers. When a company runs a marathon, it cannot be said that it has just run 100 meters. Whoever takes the lead wins, but it depends on who can hold his breath and who crosses the finish line first.”
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