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Is there still a new way out for offline diaper stores?

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-04-11

2020 to 2021 should be a year of growth for the maternal and child industry. The impact of foreign epidemics, cross-border e-commerce and purchasing agents have been greatly affected; also because imported food is frequently detected with viruses, parents have to Focus on the domestic market. But for traditional mother and baby stores, the opposite is true. In the whole year of 2021, more than 70% of the offline mother and baby stores' infant milk powder and diapers revenue will decline, and the revenue of the two core products will no longer be brilliant.



Extend the lifeline of milk powder, diapers sales, and continue your professionalism


Recently, I have visited a number of offline mother and baby stores, and most of them are stunned. In recent years, the continuous decline of the new population, the continuous impact of the e-commerce industry, the continuous fluctuation of prices in the industry, the market environment and the continuous impact of the epidemic have made it more and more difficult to do offline mother and baby stores. Transform and start a "human touch" and "convenience" business.

"It's getting harder and harder to do business now, and the price is transparent. When people search online and find that your price is expensive, they turn around and leave. This is the reality. Now basically acquaintances and surrounding customers come more and buy more. We can also deliver to your door," said Ms. Zhang, who has 8 years of experience as a shopping guide.

"The era of high gross profit of infant milk powder has passed. Now there are so many consumption channels, brands are getting closer and closer to consumers, prices are becoming more and more transparent, and the profit margins of channels are constantly being compressed. Continued involution has forced some stores to abandon high profits and adopt a strategy of small profits but quick turnover." Ms. Mao, the store operator, said, "When infant milk powder and diapers rigid needs are no longer the profit points of traditional mother and baby stores, there will inevitably be a large number of them. The store has collapsed, and now we can only do business with 'acquaintances' and barely maintain the normal operation of the store."

"Now I rarely go out to buy daily necessities. Most of the time, I stock up on the Internet. One reason is that it is inconvenient to bring children, and the other reason is that online prices are transparent, and the quality is guaranteed when buying in official stores." Ms. Tan, a 1-year-old mother, said: "Usually going to the mother and baby store is an emergency, and the store does have discounted products, which just happens to be useful. The main thing is that I don't like the feeling of the shopping guide of the mother and baby store chasing you to sell, which is very uncomfortable, plus In the current epidemic, for the sake of children, it is better not to go out if you can squat at home."

It can also be seen from the above interview that such a problem arises due to many reasons, but regardless of the specific reasons, it is certain that our traditional maternal and infant industry is facing huge challenges. Making money is also becoming more and more difficult. As an operator, how do you change your strategy and thinking?




Absorb the advantages of online e-commerce and give full play to the strengths of diapers mother and baby stores


The highest degree of specialization in the maternal and infant retail industry is milk powder. As refined feeding has become more and more popular, children's milk powder has also developed. According to the survey, in 2021, children's milk powder will show explosive growth online, with an increase of more than 1,000%, and baby snacks and complementary foods will also exceed 90%. In the traditional maternal and infant retail channels, children's milk powder has also achieved good results. In 2021, Beingmate Yizhigao children's nutritional formula milk powder will be launched in more than 300 stores of Sunshine Miaomiao in Huaihua, Hunan Province. The sales exceeded 7,000 cans in just 18 days. It is reported that it has signed a strategic cooperation with Beingmate Yizhigao for annual sales of diapers0,000 cans. It is enough to see the market prospect of children's milk powder.

It stands to reason that the shopping guides of mother and baby stores have knowledge of infant milk powder as the basis, and there are many customer groups of infants and young children aged 0-3 years old. . "There is a market, a source of customers, and a service, so why can't it be sold?" ① Failure to fully tap the characteristics of brand consumption. What brand of milk powder does a child of 0-3 years old eat, and the choice of children's milk powder, most parents will tend to the same brand, so we must respect the habitual consumption behavior of consumers when choosing a brand to settle in. ② Pursuing complete categories is not just accepting all orders. As far as the current children's milk powder market is concerned, it is a common problem that the brand differences are not obvious, the selling points are similar, and the characteristics are not clear. "Good impression. ③ Change consumer awareness habits and change their own sales awareness. Children's milk powder is not a necessity, and it needs a longer sales cycle. This requires our sales staff to have a wealth of parenting knowledge and product knowledge to deal with consumers' problems. Operators need to change their business ideas and have new means of publicity in the face of new consumer groups.


Rather than saying that the traditional diapers mother and baby stores have declined, it is better to say that the mother and baby industry is developing with the development of the times. When the demographic dividend is no longer an advantage, traditional mother and baby stores can only attract consumers and retain consumption through their own transformation. By. This is just an example. There are still many details to be considered by operators to run a mother and baby store. The only thing that is certain is that the mother and baby industry is no longer a place where anyone who comes in can get a share of the pie.


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