Analysis of the Impact of Ladies Sanitary Pad Making Machine on Precision

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In the process of industrial development, machining is a very important link. The precision of the parts is the core indicator of the quality of the parts, there are many factors in the machining process will have an impact on the precision of the parts processing, which in turn will cause unqualified quality products, bringing unnecessary trouble to our production life. This article is the factors affecting the accuracy of machining as the starting point, specifically introduced the reasons affecting the accuracy of women sanitary pad making machine.

ladies sanitary pad making machine


1. Ladies sanitary pad making machine process system caused by the processing error

(1) Processing errors caused by the process system

Force or heat will make the process system processing accuracy received.

In the system for processing, gravity and inertia forces cause system deformation, the workpiece processed under the deformation system will cause processing errors; and because the surface hardness of the blank is not uniform, in processing is due to the different hardness is not uniform to the cutting force of the reaction force, the location of the force point may occur "drift", thus affecting the The shape of the workpiece accuracy.

Process system in the ladies sanitary pad making machine processing will inevitably be affected by other heat sources and deformation, so that the precision of ladies sanitary pad making machine processing is affected. The heat sources that cause the deformation of the process system are mainly three: First, the workpiece will be processed in the process due to its own or external factors under the action of heat, thus causing processing errors; Second, the process system due to a long period of operation occurred to form a heat source, due to the different nature of the various parts of the process system, resulting in the unevenness between the various heat sources, thus affecting the accuracy of the processed workpiece; Third, the tool in the ladies sanitary pad making machine processing process, the phenomenon of heat concentration occurs, which may damage the tool, thus affecting the processing accuracy.

(2) Geometric errors caused by the process system

The so-called women sanitary pad making machine geometric errors are specifically reflected in: processing principles, machine tools, tools, adjustment of four aspects. Only by improving the accuracy of the processing principle, the smoothness of machine tool operation, the correctness of tool installation and the accuracy of tool cutting and correct process adjustment, can we try to avoid the geometric errors caused by the process system.



women sanitary pad making machine


2. Ladies sanitary pad making machine accuracy positioning and internal stress distribution caused by the error

(1) Machining accuracy positioning error

Part of a surface size and position of the design benchmark has the corresponding parts of the map to confirm, in other words, the benchmark of the parts of the map for the production of machine processing is a direct impact. Generally speaking, the design datum and the process datum are consistent. Before machining, a number of key processing characteristics are selected as benchmarks, and if their positioning benchmarks do not agree with the design benchmarks, processing errors will occur.

(2) The error caused by the distribution of internal stress

sanitary pad machine workpiece in the process, even in the state of no force will have internal stress generated. This internal stress will make the energy level state of the metal abnormal, so that it has a tendency to transform to low energy level to seek the stability of the workpiece itself. The action triggered by this tendency can cause deformation of the workpiece and thus affect its accuracy. Internal stresses in the workpiece occur mainly in processes with large temperature variations, such as hot working or cold straightening. Since the length as well as the surface shape of the workpiece is not uniform, some slender workpieces are prone to bending.



In this paper, the causes affecting the machining accuracy are analyzed, and the specific analysis of the causes leads to the improvement of the machining accuracy of women sanitary pads machine.

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