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Kelheim Fibres partners with Sumo to develop reusable diaper system

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-03-24

Kelheim Fibres has partnered with Sumo Diapers to develop a high-performance absorbent pad that does not use fossil materials. The pad is part of a reusable diaper system developed and sold by Sumo. The entire system developed by Sumo founders Luisa Kahlfeldt and Caspar Böhme is made from sustainable materials while offering high performance and innovative design.


Made using a needle punch/thermal bonding process, the pad uses a blend of specialty viscose fibers and bicomponent fibers, selected to ensure the product's wash resistance. By combining nonwovens, typically primarily used in the disposable sector, with reusable products, Sumo and Kelheim Fibers chose a completely new approach to developing reusable diapers.

Inside the pad, special fibers from Kelheim have special properties: in the distribution layer (ADL), the trilobal cross-section of the Galaxy fibers forms capillary channels for efficient and optimized liquid distribution, thus optimizing the capacity core of the absorbent , which provides the lowest rewet values. In the absorbent core, segmented hollow fiber Bramante fibers store liquid not only between but also within the fibers. Even when pressure is applied to the structure, the liquid remains there, providing excellent rewet values. Bramante can absorb up to 260% of its own weight in liquids.

Innovative non-woven structures with Kelheim specialty fibers tested significantly better than commercially available solutions made of knitted structures synthetic fibers or cotton in terms of breathability, liquid absorption and rewet, and won Sumo Diapers A place for finalists. IDEA Long-Life Product Achievement Award.

Dr Marina Crnoja-Cosic, Director of New Business Development at Kelheim Fibres, said: "Partnering with Sumo is both inspiring and professional. We are both passionate about driving the transition to a biological society through innovative solutions.
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