Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine Performance and Common Problems Handling of Directional Valve

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-07

Baby diaper manufacturing machine will undergo strict inspection when leaving the factory. The corresponding staff need to understand the mechanical performance and the common problem handling of the reversing valve, so as to better produce and process.

 baby diaper manufacturing machine

1. Mechanical properties of baby diaper manufacturing machine

(1) The cotton core is demoulded and wrapped with toilet paper.

(2) Polymer is applied intermittently or mixed.

(3) It has the functions of slitting non-woven T-shirts of the dredging layer and dotting the mesh surface.

(4) The heating swivel adopts cylinder pressurization, which can realize phase adjustment without shutdown.

(5) New planetary gear steering mechanism.

(6) baby diaper manufacturing machine cutting device adopts a new scraping and cutting method, with small impact load.

(7) Equidistant whole row mechanism, two-stage drop type cladding.

(8) The whole machine adopts frequency conversion control and speed regulation drive, and is driven by gear box, universal shaft and imported synchronous belt.

(9) Equipped with zero speed changing and receiving. (do not slow down and change materials).

(10) Diaper manufacturing equipment is a small package stacker with two packaging ports.

 infant diaper manufacturing machine

2. Common troubleshooting of pneumatic reversing valve of baby diaper manufacturing machine

The faults of baby diaper manufacturing machine reversing valve include: the valve cannot be reversed or the reversing action is slow, gas leakage, and the solenoid pilot valve is faulty.

(1) The change-over valve cannot change direction or the change-over action is slow, which is generally caused by poor lubrication, stuck or damaged springs, oil or impurities stuck in the sliding part, etc. In this regard, you should first check whether the oil atomizer works normally; Whether the viscosity of lubricating oil is appropriate. If necessary, replace the lubricating oil, clean the sliding part of the reversing valve, or replace the spring and reversing valve.

(2) After long-term use, the infant diaper manufacturing machine is prone to wear of the valve core sealing ring and damage of the valve rod and valve seat, resulting in gas leakage in the valve, slow action of the valve or failure of normal reversing and other faults. At this time, replace the sealing ring, valve rod and valve seat, or replace the reversing valve.

(3) If the inlet and outlet holes of the solenoid pilot valve are blocked by oil sludge and other debris, the sealing is not tight, the movable iron core is stuck, and the circuit is faulty, etc., the reversing valve can not be reversed normally. For the first three cases, clean the oil sludge and impurities on the pilot valve and movable iron core. Circuit faults are generally divided into control circuit faults and electromagnetic coil faults. Before checking the circuit fault, turn the manual knob of the reversing valve for several times to see whether the reversing valve can reverse normally under the rated air pressure. If it can reverse normally, the circuit is faulty. During the inspection of baby diaper manufacturing machine, the instrument can be used to measure the voltage of the solenoid coil to see whether it has reached the rated voltage. If the voltage is too low, further check the power supply in the control circuit and the associated travel switch circuit. If the reversing valve cannot reverse normally under the rated voltage, check whether the connector (plug) of the solenoid coil is loose or not. The method is to unplug the plug and measure the resistance of the coil. If the resistance is too large or too small, it means that the electromagnetic coil has been damaged and should be replaced.

 diaper manufacturing equipment

The above points need to be paid attention to, and the baby diaper manufacturing machine troubleshooting should be done in a timely manner.

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