How should period panties machine be repaired and maintained?

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Period panties machine unlike other equipment, after using a certain period of time will lose its original use value, on the contrary, the more durable sanitary napkin machinery, if you maintain properly, no matter how long you use the normal operation as the first time, however, the premise is to do a good job of daily maintenance work. So how to do the best sanitary pads manufacturing machine repair and maintenance work?

 period panties machine

1.Period panties machine to avoid impurities

In the period panties machine operation and use, usually mixed with some air dust, operating environment grit, and air itself impurities. Of course, do not exclude part of the machinery itself due to wear and tear caused by the precipitation of metal impurities. Once these impurities mixed into the mechanical parts, will lead to oil deterioration, hydraulic system damage, lubricating fluid lubrication failure and other adverse phenomena. Directly will affect the normal use of machinery.

Therefore, the use of sanitary napkin machinery should be used in the process of oil quality, supporting parts and lubricants. According to the different seasonal environment to choose a different oil. To ensure the normal use of the parts and maintenance. In the daily operation site maintenance, should do a good job of cleaning up the surrounding environment, pay attention to the surrounding environment of the obvious gravel and unnecessary impurities clean, to ensure that the equipment around clean, to prevent secondary pollution caused in the maintenance process.


2. Pay attention to the period panties machine temperature impact

Period panties machine of different parts have their own different constant temperature, such as cooling water for 80-90 ℃, hydraulic oil in the hydraulic transmission system for 30-60 ℃. If in daily operation, the parts lose their constant temperature, will destroy its own performance, resulting in oil deterioration, and cause the parts to occur bad wear.

Therefore, in the use of sanitary napkin machinery, to ensure the normal operation of the low-speed pre-temperature stage and pay attention to prevent the machine in the low temperature for overload operation, when the machinery to reach the specified temperature before the regular operation work. Secondly, to prevent machinery in high temperature operation, in the process of mechanical operation and use should always observe the value of its temperature table, once found fault problems should immediately stop working to check.

best sanitary pads manufacturing machine 

3. Pay attention to the period panties machine corrosion

Because period panties machine consists of metal frame, so if you do not pay attention to the daily anti-corrosion work, in the outdoor complicated operating environment is very easy to occur rust phenomenon. Therefore, in the process of operation should be arranged according to the different weather conditions of different types and different degrees of work, especially pay attention to the rain on the erosion of machinery.


4.Reduce the reasonable working load of period panties machine

Due to the special nature of period panties machine, the nature of its work is usually complicated and heavy, in order to ensure its normal operating efficiency, should be a reasonable arrangement of operations, according to the nature of different work and the length of operation to allocate. To ensure that each operation can be completed in an efficient manner. Reasonable arrangement of the work load not only can greatly play mechanical efficiency, improve operational efficiency and maintenance of the machinery itself is also a very good way. If the machinery in the long-term overload operations, will greatly increase the mechanical wear and tear, causing unnecessary mechanical losses.

 sanitary pads manufacturing machine

To sum up, period panties machine in the application, to ensure its normal operation, need to pay attention to some of the above issues. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of sanitary pads manufacturing machine.

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