Analysis of the daily maintenance and maintenance of Small scale diaper making machine

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Small scale diaper making machine There will be various problems in the process of work, which requires us to do a good job in repair and maintenance. Only in this way can the machinery exert its best performance, achieve a stable increase in productivity, and reflect its maximum value. The following introduces the maintenance and maintenance experience of the Small scale diaper making equpment.

 Small scale diaper making machine

1.Small scale diaper making machine Repair and maintenance issues

With the continuous improvement of the mechanization level of industrial production and the continuous increase in the number of mechanical equipment applications, Small scale diaper making machine repair and maintenance costs continue to rise. The lack of understanding of the repair and maintenance management of mechanical equipment is not enough to implement, a practical and perfect mechanical equipment management system has not been established, and an efficient and reasonable mechanical repair and maintenance plan has not been formulated with a realistic and pragmatic attitude, resulting in a backlog of repair parts and waste. Excessive maintenance costs, inefficient use of machinery, etc.


Secondly, although Small scale diaper making machine relevant systems for repair, maintenance and procurement have been established, they have not been detailed and quantified, responsibilities are ambiguous, and implementation is ineffective; the professional quality of maintenance managers, maintenance personnel, and procurement personnel is low; Strengthen supervision in repairs, maintenance and other links. In the procurement and processing of accessories, the phenomenon of buying wrong, buying more or buying products of inferior quality and high price often occurs. The processing cannot be in place at one time, resulting in secondary purchase and reprocessing, which increases the cost. The maintenance personnel have a weak sense of responsibility, and the material waste is seriously and needlessly increasing the cost of manpower and material resources. Finally, the replacement of Small scale diaper making machine is relatively slow, and it is necessary to continue to use scrap machinery and dilapidated machinery, which greatly increases the mechanical failure rate and causes the maintenance and maintenance costs to continue to rise.


2.Small scale diaper making machine Maintenance methods

After the failure of Small scale diaper making machine, its maintenance method is mainly to make it run normally by adjusting and repairing related parts and other methods. The main methods are as follows:


(1) Adjustment method

Some Small scale diaper production line faults are mainly caused by loose parts, too large or too small original fit clearance, etc. At this time, the matching relationship of the original matching parts can be adjusted and restored by adjusting the bolt tightness, adjusting the thickness of the gasket, etc. However, during the repair process, no processing is performed on the relevant matching parts, but various ways are used to restore them. to the original fit clearance or related standard.


(2) Repair dimension method

By machining it, its geometry can be restored to the greatest extent, but some individuals may become smaller in the process of repairing to form a new size; at this time, the corresponding fittings need to be replaced or After processing, it is matched with the previously processed heavy-duty parts; and the fitting clearance of the fittings is completely restored to the initial clearance state.


(3) Supplementary parts method

The supplementary parts method is suitable for re-processing and opening of all relevant parts of the fittings; and in combination with the repair dimension method, reasonably expand or reduce the diameter of one of the parts: and then supplement the fittings with one of the same quality. Or the bushing of the material: and use the interference to press or weld it to the original part, and then process and shape it until it matches with the matching part, so that the final matching property reaches the original standard.

 Small scale diaper making equpment

3.Small scale diaper making machine Maintenance

Reasonably determine the Small scale diaper production line maintenance cycle and improve the maintenance system. It should be implemented and repaired equally, and prevention should be the main policy. Regular maintenance, inspection and maintenance measures should be adopted, and the maintenance procedures at all levels should be implemented. Low-level maintenance is carried out by operators, and advanced maintenance is carried out by maintenance personnel. Only good maintenance can reduce the failure rate of machinery, thereby reducing maintenance costs and improving the economic benefits of enterprises. Strengthen the technical management of the maintenance of machinery and equipment. The machinery and equipment have strong seasonality during the construction period, scattered fluidity of construction operations and harsh working environment. In view of these characteristics of equipment, strengthening the maintenance and timely repair of mechanical equipment is the main content of strengthening its technical management. Careful repair to ensure timely repair of equipment. In equipment maintenance work, it is necessary to provide maintenance personnel with high technical level and rich experience, highlighting preventive, pertinence and effectiveness.

 Small scale diaper production line

Therefore, in the management activities, the problems in the equipment management must be solved in time, and the management of Small scale diaper making machine must be strengthened. Only in this way can the performance of the machinery and equipment be fully exerted and the machinery can operate in an orderly manner.

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