Precautions and Fault Analysis of Period Panties Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-09

Period panties machines are generally repaired by special personnel. So what should we pay attention to when using the period panties equipment?

 Period panties machine

1. Precautions for using period panties machine

(1) Determine the power supply of the period panties machine used, and then turn on the power supply.

(2) When preparing for product packaging, turn over the packing bag pressing strip, put the packing bag containing the packaged items into the studio, and place the sealing part on the silicone rubber strip flatly. The bags shall not overlap. Turn over the packing bag pressing strip and press the opening of the packing bag well.

(3) Press down on the working chamber and close the cover. The machine will automatically complete the vacuum packaging process and open the cover automatically according to the program.

(4) If the packaging needs to be stopped in case of other conditions, an emergency stop switch shall be set, and the emergency stop switch shall be used correctly.

(5) After using the period panties equipment, cut off the power supply in time, clean the machine and place it in a proper position.

  Period panties equipment

2. Reasons why period panties machine cannot be sealed

(1) First, let's check whether the heat seal switch on the control panel of the most basic position period panties proudction line is turned on, or the power supply is not turned on.

(2) If it cannot be sealed suddenly during use, the element of the period panties equipment may be damaged, or the power connection of the heating element may be disconnected.

(3) To eliminate the above problems, let's check whether there is a problem with the control panel and whether the set value of heating time is correct.

(4) There is something wrong with the control component and the heating time relay is damaged.

(5) Failure to seal may be a problem with the solenoid valve.


3. Preparation of period panties machine before use

(1) Place the period panties machine stably, check whether the cover is closed smoothly and whether it jumps automatically after releasing the hand.

(2) Equipped with power supply suitable for the requirements of the model.

(3) Check whether the position of the oil level of the vacuum pump is correct. If not, adjust it.

(4) Ground the machine properly.

(5) Turn on the power of period panties proudction line, turn on the power switch, close the cover and check whether the vacuum pump operates normally.

 Period panties proudction line

Like other mechanical equipment, if the screws and pipes inside are not tightened, it will cause many faults of the period panties machine. Therefore, pay attention to fix the pipe clamp of the barrel ring and tighten it with screws, so as to reasonably ensure the operation of mechanical equipment.

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