Diaper machinery management problems

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Production is inseparable from machinery, and various equipment may be worn out and some failures may occur in daily production. In order to protect diaper machinery, it is necessary to start with daily management and maintenance to reduce the probability of failure and prolong the life of the equipment. On the basis of ensuring the production quality of the enterprise, maximize the economic benefits. diaper machineryManage the following problems.


1. New and old diaper machinery mixed use

Mixing up the use of new and old equipment is one of the main problems in machinery management, which is not conducive to the fine management of diaper equipment, and the staff cannot keep abreast of the operation and basic performance. Once the problem of improper docking occurs, it may cause mechanical paralysis, cause serious economic losses, and even threaten the life safety of staff. Although the mixed use of new and old equipment can save costs and improve economic benefits. However, its own nature is illegal, thus hindering the stable development of the cause.

 Diaper machinery,

2.diaper machinery Insufficient or excessive maintenance

Machinery in use may be under- or over-maintained. Deficiency refers to the fact that during the maintenance process, the staff lacked specific knowledge of the degree of mechanical damage, and only repaired the surface problems, but did not go deep. Over-maintenance means that maintenance managers over-operate parts that do not need to be replaced and repaired, increasing the cost. For enterprises, it has invisibly increased the economic burden. Whether the maintenance is insufficient or excessive, it will damage the interests of the enterprise and should be solved in time.

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3.diaper machinery Management and maintenance personnel have limited capacity

In the enterprise, the personal ability of mechanical maintenance personnel is uneven, which has a negative impact on the maintenance and management of diaper equipment. First of all, the machinery of the enterprise will be replaced with the industrial upgrading. The purchase of more advanced new equipment can improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. However, if mechanical maintenance personnel cannot update their knowledge reserves and professional skills in a timely manner, and do not understand new equipment, they will be unable to start during maintenance, the efficiency will be low, and the maintenance results will not be guaranteed.

At the same time, there are still problems in the work attitude of maintenance personnel at this stage. Their ideological awareness is not in place, and they deal with the superior leaders perfunctorily. They only solve superficial problems in their daily work, ignoring the actual operation quality of the equipment. This kind of thinking is extremely wrong. Maintenance personnel do not realize that repairing and maintaining machinery is the fundamental work of enterprise development.

 Dipaer equipment

To sum up, at this stage, in the daily production of enterprises, it is necessary to check and maintain the configuration through scientific means to promote the progress of production technology. If diaper machinery is not repaired in time after being damaged, it will not only affect the progress of production, but also threaten the life safety of the staff. Regular inspection and maintenance, and timely detection of problems can promote the company to continuously move towards high production and high quality. progress. Strengthen mechanical maintenance and repair strength, ensure the integrity rate of machinery, improve the utilization rate of machinery, do a good job of supporting the use of machinery, improve the level of mechanization, and give full play to the efficiency of the equipment.

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