Mini sanitary pad making machine equipment management

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In order to adapt to the production development of enterprises, enterprises often have to design and manufacture some efficient special mini sanitary pad making machine, which is a good way for enterprises to obtain economic benefits.

 mini sanitary pad making machine

1. The management scope of the mini sanitary pad making machine

The management of sanitary napkin making equipment should be involved or responsible by the equipment power department. Its main work is as follows:

1 Prepare the design file.

2 Review the design proposal.

3 Develop a plan and cost budget

4 Repair the prototype.

5 Quality check.

6 Acceptance and settlement (transferred into fixed assets)

7 Technical data files.

8 Summary evaluation and information feedback


2. Factors to be considered when designing the mini sanitary pad making machine


1 Improve the standardization, serialization and generalization of components in the water industry

2 Improve the maintainability of the equipment structure.

3 Use construction and process materials to improve component durability and reliability.

4 Pay attention to the use of status monitoring, long alarm and fault protection measures

5 Minimize maintenance efforts.


3. Production responsibility division of mini sanitary pad making machine

Technical documents such as the design scheme and all drawings shall be proposed by the unit (technical or equipment department) undertaking the design.

In the process of equipment manufacturing, the equipment manufacturing workshop (or machine repair workshop) is responsible for the technical work such as the process preparation and design of tooling and inspection tools.


4. Acceptance of mini sanitary pad making machine

The most important link is the quality appraisal and acceptance work. According to the acceptance conditions and drawing requirements stipulated in the design task book, an appraisal and acceptance meeting of self-made equipment is held under the leadership of the supervisor. Relevant departments will participate in the comprehensive technical and economic evaluation and appraisal of the equipment. equipment. Qualification certificate. After the installation and commissioning is qualified, the design and manufacturing department will go through the handover procedures to the equipment power department.

 Sanitary napkins machine

The entire management process of the mini sanitary pad making machine must be very clear, and it is possible to clearly find which department and which work each place belongs to. Only in this way, a high-quality sanitary pad making equipment can be produced.

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