Technical Features and Functions of Machine to Make Diapers

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Machine to make diapers has the advantage of changing product specifications according to different markets and long product life cycle. However, the operation difficulty of the machine is low, the production stations are few, and the equipment is mature. Let's talk about the technical features and equipment functions of machine to make diapers:

 machine to make diapers

1. Technical features of machine to make diapers

(1) Full servo and high automation control.

(2) Human machine interface, PLC automatic control system.

(3) Panels and primary accessories are processed by CNC.

(4) Automatic deviation correction system.

(5) Automatic tension control.

(6) Automatically count and store production data.

(7) Quality control, automatic waste removal.

(8) Machine to make diapers is planned according to CE standards and has passed CE certification.

(9) Compact structure and convenient operation.

 diaper making machine

2. Characteristics of machine to make diapers

(1) Machine to make diapers the whole machine is controlled by frequency conversion, speed regulation drive and PLC program.

(2) Toothed crusher, cotton core mesh wheel demoulding molding, three fold products.

(3) Touch screen control, providing man-machine dialogue interface and graphical control.

(4) The detection and alarm of material breaking and shortage, and the scrap of the refueling joint are removed.

(5) Adjust the phase without stopping the machine, and select the column structure for the swivel tool rest.

(6) Polymer quantitative application, automatic uncoiling of raw materials, constant tension control and automatic material change.


3. Functions and equipment of machine to make diapers

(1) The full servo automatic control system has a high degree of automation and can be upgraded according to the reasonable requirements of customers.

(2) According to the European CE standard plan, the electrical parts have CE or UL certification, and are equipped with safety equipment such as safety doors and emergency stops.

(3) Most of the parts are finely processed by CNC machine tools. The primary mechanical parts are processed by CNC, and the primary purchased parts are international brands.

(4) The operation interface adopts industrial computer and humanized scheme to collect operation information at any time.

(5) It can be equipped with a video inspection system to carry out online standard detection, orientation detection, missing detection, stain scanning, etc.

(6) Diaper making machine can produce ultra-thin sanitary napkins or wool pulp cotton core sanitary napkins and quick and easy packaging methods.

(7) The 90 degree conversion of machine to make diapers products adopts planetary gear steering organization, and the air valve controls the size of suction, so the conversion is fast and reliable.

(8) The small package adopts the method of soft wrapping, which integrates heat sealing and pressure cutting, and the product shape is flat and beautiful.

(9) The whole machine is driven by variable frequency motor, gear box, universal shaft and synchronous belt.

(10) The main materials such as toilet paper, non-woven fabric, cast film, etc. automatically change the material, control the tension, automatically correct the deviation, and change the material. Waste products are automatically removed and production faults are automatically stopped.

(11) The crusher is toothed, which can be used to untreated roll pulp and treated roll pulp.

 disposable nappies making machine

Many machine to make diapers parts can't be produced and operated by manpower alone, so they are produced by the packaged disposable nappies making machine. The simple type can be used with relay circuit, which is easy to operate.

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