Menstrual Panties Machine Operation Problems and Maintenance Methods

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With the rapid development of the economy in recent years, menstrual panties machine is used more and more widely, which directly affects the production progress and quality of enterprises. However, in the process of production machinery and equipment operation, failure problems are inevitable. Therefore, the improvement in the level of repair and maintenance of period panties machine enables high quality repair and maintenance in the fastest possible time, which not only achieves the reduction of maintenance costs, but also provides favorable conditions for the normal operation of the enterprise.

 menstrual panties machine

1.Wear and treatment of menstrual panties machine

Menstrual panties machine as an expendable product is more significant, both in the operating state, or in the non-operating state, will cause certain damage to machinery and equipment, thus leading to a decline in the performance of machinery and equipment. The current situation of equipment wear is divided into two kinds, namely, tangible wear and invisible wear.

(1) Tangible wear. Tangible wear refers to the wear and tear caused by mechanical equipment in the process of work.

(2) Invisible wear. Intangible wear refers to the mechanical equipment in the non-working state, due to the influence of external geographical, climatic, hydrological and other environmental factors, resulting in mechanical equipment aging, rusting and other conditions. Therefore, in general, first of all, the best way to deal with machinery and equipment that can no longer be put into production is to replace the equipment, of course, the replacement of equipment means that the enterprise fixed asset expenditure increases, production costs will also rise to a certain extent.

(3) Repair and maintain the machinery and equipment still in production, although to a certain extent there will be a certain degree of wear and tear, but, after repair, or replacement of parts and components of machinery and equipment, its input production costs are lower, which is also one of the necessary measures to reduce production costs.

 period panties machine

2.Maintenance methods of menstrual panties machine

On the current menstrual panties machine repair and maintenance situation, mainly through the following three ways to carry out.

(1) cycle maintenance. Periodic maintenance is mainly for some wear time, wear degree is relatively uniform mechanical equipment, because this equipment in the use of a certain period, according to the degree of mechanical wear and tear of the law of repair and maintenance time control, has a certain periodicity characteristics;.

(2) Condition maintenance. Condition maintenance is usually another way of saying "prior maintenance", and it is also the most common way of maintenance used by major enterprises. Before carrying out condition maintenance, according to the actual use of equipment, regular maintenance of machinery and equipment, and record maintenance data, through the data and the work experience of maintenance personnel, to predict and analyze the possible failure, and then put forward effective countermeasures to further reduce the incidence of failure.

(3) After-the-fact maintenance. After-the-fact maintenance refers to a kind of repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, that is, after the failure of machinery and equipment, according to the failure of a series of maintenance activities. Of course, after-the-fact maintenance has significant sudden characteristics, although it is not possible to make maintenance plans for machinery and equipment, but the efficiency of this type of maintenance is necessary to ensure the normal operation of machinery.

 best sanitary pads manufacturing machine

The level of menstrual panties machine maintenance, to a certain extent, will have a direct impact on the sustainable development of the enterprise. However, the problem of wear and tear of machinery and equipment is always an inevitable problem in the maintenance of machinery. Therefore, the maintenance of best sanitary pads manufacturing machine problems and ways to be targeted.

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