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Spin-off pulp and paper business, Stora Enso to sell four mills

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-03-31

A few days ago, Finnish paper giant Stora Enso said that the group has started the process of selling paper mills and may divest four of its five paper mills. According to the strategy of the Finnish paper and packaging giant, the paper business will no longer be a strategic growth area for the group, and the spin-off plan is to focus on the long-term growth potential of renewable products such as packaging, construction solutions and innovative solutions for biomaterials strategy is consistent.

Plants expected to be divested

There are Anjala in Finland, Hylte and Nymölla in Sweden and Maxau in Germany. The company describes the facilities as "high-quality paper and pulp production sites with strong infrastructure and skilled and experienced staff.

Factory capacity

Among them, the Anjala mill in southern Finland uses mechanical pulp to produce printing paper, including coated and uncoated book paper, magazine paper and improved newsprint, with an annual production capacity of 435,000 tons of paper;

The Hylte mill in southwest Sweden is one of the largest newsprint mills in the world, producing high-quality newsprint, biocomposite and shaped fiber products. Annual capacity: 240,000 tons of newsprint based on TMP Solutons and 50 million units of shaped fiber products;

The Nymölla mill in southern Sweden produces pulp and offset paper, including Multicopy products, with an annual capacity of 475,000 sheets and 340,000 tonnes of pulp;

The Maxau paper mill in southwest Germany mainly produces supercalendered paper from recycled paper, with an annual production capacity: 530,000 tons of paper and 270,000 tons of pulp.

Stora Enso said the four plants would be divested in one or a series of transactions. The group has yet to commit to a deadline to complete the divestiture process and said the sale process initiated "has no immediate impact on Stora Enso's paper business, which continues to serve their respective customers".


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