Management and Maintenance Methods of Infant Diaper Manufacturing Machine

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With the improvement of the automation level of modern machinery manufacturing technology, the maintenance requirements of the enterprise's internal infant diaper manufacturing machine are becoming more and more strict, more and more difficult, and the maintenance status is becoming increasingly important. So what are the specific methods for the management and maintenance of baby diaper manufacturing machine?

 infant diaper manufacturing machine

1. Preventive maintenance of infant diaper manufacturing machine

The so-called prevention based maintenance method means that regardless of the technical status and use environment of each specific maintenance object, mandatory maintenance and targeted maintenance must be carried out at a unified time. This method is suitable for the maintenance of early mechanical equipment and parts, and has played an important role in the maintenance of infant diaper manufacturing machine. People believe that the safety of mechanical equipment depends on its reliability, so the more preventive work is done, the shorter the repair cycle, and the more reliable the mechanical equipment is.

Reliability centered maintenance is not only the core of modern maintenance theory, but also the inheritance and development of the traditional maintenance method based on prevention. People's understanding of maintenance has evolved from the original work wear failure endangering safety to taking active and effective measures to control the factors that reduce the reliability of mechanical equipment, so as to maintain and restore the inherent reliability of mechanical equipment. The reliability centered maintenance method has four main points, that is, the reliability of mechanical equipment depends on design and manufacturing, the recovery and maintenance of inherent reliability depends on correct use and maintenance, and improper maintenance will reduce the reliability; The maintenance should be targeted. Under the guidance of the reliability centered maintenance method, necessary maintenance work should be done for the unreliable factors and parts of mechanical equipment; The forms of preventive maintenance are determined according to its applicability and effectiveness criteria, including scheduled maintenance, condition based maintenance, fault diagnosis or hidden function detection; Establish a complete maintenance information system to provide reliable information for macro decision-making of maintenance. Maintenance information is the key to implement maintenance.

 baby diaper manufacturing machine

2. Regular maintenance of infant diaper manufacturing machine

Objectively speaking, the theoretical basis of periodical maintenance of infant diaper manufacturing machine is reliability theory, which points out that the faults of mechanical equipment can be divided into sudden and gradual. Sudden failure means that the symptom does not appear but can be detected, and the damage occurs instantaneously; Progressive failure refers to the gradual aggravation of damage during use, which can be divided into slow and rapid, such as wear and corrosion of parts. No matter what kind of failure, there are three failure stages: early stage, random stage and depletion stage. While regular maintenance is applicable to progressive faults that develop rapidly or ignore the condition, condition based maintenance is applicable to progressive faults that develop slowly and have condition based conditions. It can be seen that the combination of regular maintenance and condition based maintenance will play a complementary role.


3. Modern maintenance methods of infant diaper manufacturing machine

Modern maintenance is not only a means to restore the mechanical performance, but also an indispensable measure to improve the performance of the infant diaper manufacturing machine and then improve the quality. The maintenance method focusing on future investment is mainly developed from the repair of faults and damages to the purpose of ensuring the normal operation of existing mechanical equipment through maintenance, Later, it was raised to the understanding that "maintenance is an investment for enterprises, and it is as important as fixed assets". Without maintenance investment, fixed assets will be difficult to recover and expand. The concept of "maintenance - focus on future investment" shows that maintenance is no longer an auxiliary means and emergency measure in modern mass production, but an important part of productivity and an important task related to the long-term interests of economic development.

 best diaper manufacturing machine

The implementation of brand-new management measures for the infant diaper manufacturing machine shows that the management of machinery and equipment needs to be changed. Advanced management ideas and advanced technology are integrated into the management and maintenance of the best diaper manufacturing machine to continuously improve it, and help enterprises achieve high production, high quality, low consumption, safety and benefit improvement.

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