Baby pampers making machine Common fault checking methods

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Baby pampers making machine In the process of fault detection, the self-diagnosis function of the machine system should be used to make judgments, and some common methods of fault detection should be used flexibly. In summary, there are many inspection methods for baby pampers making equipment faults. Here are some of the most commonly used methods.

 Baby pampers making machine

1.Baby pampers making machine Intuition


The intuitive method follows the principle of "outside first, then inside". The fault diagnosis is made by looking, listening, smelling, asking, touching and other methods, checking from the outside to the inside one by one, which can narrow the fault range to a module or a printed circuit board. This requires maintenance personnel to have rich practical experience, a wide range of knowledge and comprehensive judgment ability in multiple disciplines. For example, a sudden shutdown occurred during the processing of baby pampers making equipment. The inspection found that the main circuit fuse of the Y-axis motor was blown. After inspection, it was a component related to the Y-axis. Finally, it was found that the power line of the Y-axis motor was worn out and was placed on the bed. cause a short circuit. After replacing the power line, the fault was eliminated and the equipment returned to normal.


2.Baby pampers making machine Self-diagnostic function method


Although the modern baby pampers making machine system has not yet reached a high level of intelligence, it already has a strong self-diagnosis function. It can monitor the working status of the hardware and software of the machine system at any time. Once an abnormality is found, an alarm message will be displayed on the CRT immediately or the approximate cause of the failure will be indicated with a light-emitting diode. Using the self-diagnosis function, it can also display the state of the interface signal between the system and the host, so as to determine whether the fault occurs in the mechanical part or the machine system part, and indicate the approximate location of the fault. This method is the most effective method for maintenance work at present.

 Baby pampers making equipment

3.Baby pampers making machine Functional Program Testing Method


The so-called functional program testing method is to compile the common functions and special functions of the baby pampers making equipment systems, such as linear positioning, circular interpolation, helical cutting, canned cycles, user macro programs, etc., into a functional program test paper by manual programming or automatic programming methods. The tape is sent to the machine system through the paper tape reader, and then the machine system is started to run, so as to check the accuracy and reliability of the equipment to perform these functions, and then determine the possible cause of the failure. This method is a good judgment method for the inspection when the machine has been idle for a long time when it is turned on for the first time and the equipment processing causes waste but there is no alarm, once it is difficult to determine whether it is a programming measure, an operation error, or an equipment failure.


4.Baby pampers making machine Substitution method


baby pampers production line The substitution method is a simple and easy method, and it is also one of the most commonly used methods for on-site judgment. The so-called replacement method is to use spare printed circuit boards, templates, integrated circuit chips or components to replace the suspicious parts under the condition of analyzing the general cause of the failure, thereby reducing the scope of the failure to the printed circuit or chip level. In fact, it is also verifying the correctness of the analysis, but before the replacement of the spare board, it should be carefully checked whether the spare board is in good condition, and it should be checked that the state of the spare board should be exactly the same as that of the original board. This includes checking the selector switch on the board, the set position of the shorting bar, and the position of the potentiometer.

 Baby pampers production line

5.Baby pampers making machine Parameter checking method


As we all know, baby pampers production line parameters can directly affect the performance of machinery and equipment. The parameters are usually stored in the magnetic bubble memory or in the CMOS RAM that needs to be kept by the battery. Once the battery is insufficient or due to external interference and other factors, the individual parameters will be lost or changed, causing confusion and making the device unable to work normally. At this time, the fault can be eliminated by proofreading and correcting the parameters. When the equipment has been idle for a long time and reworked for no reason, there is an abnormal phenomenon or a fault without an alarm, and the relevant parameters should be checked and calibrated according to the fault characteristics.


In addition, after long-term operation of baby pampers making machine, due to the wear and tear of its mechanical transmission components and the performance change of electrical components, it is also necessary to adjust the relevant parameters; some equipment failures are often caused by not modifying some inappropriate parameters in time. Of course, these faults belong to the category of soft faults.

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