Automatic baby diaper making machine Knowledge of maintenance

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With the continuous development of productivity, the importance of automatic baby diaper making machine in the current engineering production process is becoming more and more prominent. However, in the process of long-term use, certain losses and failures will inevitably occur, so what knowledge do you need to master to maintain and repair? The following is the knowledge of automatic baby diaper making equipment maintenance and repair for everyone.

 Automatic baby diaper making machine

1.automatic baby diaper making machine Importance of Repair and Maintenance

In the process of economic development and construction, higher requirements are also placed on equipment operators. During the use of some large-scale high-speed rotating equipment, hidden faults often occur, resulting in interruption of production activities, which requires mechanical The equipment is regularly maintained and repaired, so as to play a preventive role and ensure efficient production efficiency. Failure to maintain and maintain the automatic baby diaper making machine for a long time will cause wear and tear of components. Once a failure occurs during production activities, the losses will be more serious. Some maintenance and maintenance workers do not have skilled operation skills, which will also affect the maintenance and maintenance effect of the equipment to a certain extent. Only by ensuring the performance of mechanical equipment can the production efficiency of the project be effectively improved. Therefore, the repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment is very important. Only by doing a good job in the repair and maintenance of the equipment can the integrity rate, utilization rate and productivity of the mechanical equipment be improved, the use cost of the mechanical equipment can be reduced, and the service life of the equipment can be extended.

 Automatic baby diaper making equipment

2.automatic baby diaper making machine Status of Repair and Maintenance

(1) The current engineering enterprises lack the awareness of repairing and maintaining mechanical equipment. This lack of awareness actually reflects that the relevant workers do not consider the problem from the long-term interests, and blindly require the equipment to work overloaded for a long time. I think it doesn't matter as long as there is no problem, but once a problem occurs, the degree of damage of automatic baby diaper making machine is often quite serious, but it will cause greater economic losses to engineering production. These problems are all caused by the lack of awareness of repair and maintenance. The machinery and equipment have been in an unsafe production state for a long time, which has actually laid great hidden dangers for production activities.


(2) In the production activities, there is a lack of the necessary responsibility system. The implementation of the responsibility system is actually the basis for the maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Not really in place. As a result, the mechanical equipment cannot be properly maintained and maintained. In addition, the professional ability of equipment operators is uneven, so it is impossible to make a correct judgment on the actual situation of the mechanical equipment at the first time, and some problems cannot be observed on the surface, which is also the maintenance of the equipment. And maintenance caused some obstacles. The maintenance personnel did not do regular inspections, and the wear and tear of the equipment would therefore be more serious. In this case, managers did not strictly manage the automatic baby diaper making machine maintenance and maintenance system, and even the evaluation standards for equipment status were not uniform. Therefore, these problems are the reasons that affect equipment maintenance and maintenance, and are also the current status quo. , in order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to solve the problem from the actual situation, so as to prevent more serious damage to the mechanical equipment.


(3) Affected by the personal ability of mechanical equipment maintenance personnel, the current mechanical equipment maintenance and repair work is not in place. Because in the environment of the development of the times, the types of mechanical equipment are showing an increasing trend, and these equipments all use new technologies and new functions, so this requires equipment repair and maintenance personnel to have higher quality, master the latest Maintenance technology, so as to solve the failure of mechanical equipment, under the trend of high standards and strict requirements, the current mechanical equipment operators generally do not have such capabilities, it can be said that the equipment integrity rate and utilization rate and the operator's personal technical level It is closely related. In order to avoid damage, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance personnel of mechanical equipment and their technical level. At present, many equipment maintenance personnel have uneven technical levels, so it will affect the equipment. Therefore, the efficiency of engineering production is not high.

 Automatic baby diaper production line

Looking at the current situation of automatic baby diaper making machine in terms of maintenance and maintenance, we can see that there are still many problems that need to be solved, so as to ensure the efficiency of mechanical equipment, prolong its application time, and bring more economic benefits to economic development.

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