Diaper manufacturing equipment technical status management

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The technical status of diaper manufacturing equipment reflects the existence value of equipment in production activities and the degree of guarantee for production, and is a collection of equipment precision and performance. During the use phase of the equipment, its original technical state will change due to the working load, working conditions and environment, and the working capacity will be continuously depleted. That is to say, over time, the technical state of the equipment is always going to deteriorate, which is usually called the deterioration of the equipment. In order to prevent the development of deterioration, people's actions have formed a confrontation process (anti-deterioration process), that is, the process of maintenance, repair and transformation.

 Diaper manufacturing equipment

diaper manufacturing equipment Technical status management should include the following five items:

(1) Benchmarking of diaper manufacturing equipment data

Establish the original basis for various status management, mainly including performance indicators, inspection standards, management standards and evaluation standards.


(2) Maintenance of diaper manufacturing equipment performance

According to the performance indicators of the equipment, active maintenance work is carried out to maintain its original performance and delay the deterioration process.

(3) diaper manufacturing equipment data monitoring

Take various means to obtain the information of equipment technical state changes in time, and master and study the abnormality and failure of equipment through comparative analysis with the original indicators.

Data monitoring

(4) Status evaluation of diaper manufacturing equipment

Analyze and process the acquired technical status information, and evaluate its abnormal status qualitatively or quantitatively according to different requirements, so as to provide the basis for various countermeasures to maintain or improve its technical status.

(5) Improvement countermeasures for diaper manufacturing equipment

Take corresponding measures to improve the abnormal state of the equipment and compensate for wear and tear.


diaper manufacturing equipment As long as the technical status management operates in accordance with these five elements, it can delay the aging of equipment, prevent various risks in advance, and reduce losses.


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