Baby diaper machine equipment use maintenance management

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One of the characteristics of the equipment management of baby diaper machine enterprises in my country is to implement the equipment use and maintenance management system of "integration of special groups". This system first requires the basic skills training of equipment operation, including "three good", "four meetings" and "five disciplines".


1 to baby diaper machine use units of "three good" requirements

(1) To manage the equipment, the operator should be responsible for keeping the baby diaper equipment used by himself, and other people are not allowed to operate and use it without the consent of the leader.

(2) Make good use of the equipment and strictly implement the operation and maintenance regulations and process regulations, and do not overload the equipment. Uncivilized operations are prohibited.

(3) After repairing the equipment and equipment, the operators should cooperate with the maintenance workers to repair the equipment, eliminate equipment failures in time, and deliver the equipment as planned.

 Baby diaper machine

2 "Four Meetings" Requirements for the Basic Skills of baby diaper machine Operators

(1) Operators who know how to use should first learn equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and be familiar with equipment performance, structure, and transmission principles. Understand the processing technology and tooling tools, and use the equipment correctly.

(2) Will maintain, learn and implement equipment maintenance and lubrication regulations, refuel at get off work, clean after work, and often keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean and in good condition.

(3) Will check and understand the structure, performance and vulnerable parts of the baby diaper equipment used by themselves, be familiar with the items, standards and methods of daily inspection and integrity inspection, and be able to carry out daily inspection according to the specified requirements.

(4) Be able to troubleshoot and be familiar with the characteristics of the equipment used, understand the precautions for disassembly and assembly, identify normal and abnormal phenomena of the equipment, and make general adjustments and simple troubleshooting. Problems that cannot be solved by themselves should be reported in time and eliminated in cooperation with maintenance personnel.

 Baby diaper equipment

3. The "Five Disciplines" of baby diaper machine Operators

1) Implement the appointment of people and machines, use the equipment with the operation certificate, and abide by the safety operation rules.

2) Always keep the equipment clean and refuel according to regulations to ensure reasonable lubrication,

3) Observe the shift system.

4) Good tools and pieces must not be lost

5) Immediately stop and check if any abnormality is found, and notify the relevant personnel to check and deal with the problems that cannot be handled by themselves.

 diaper machine equipment

baby diaper machine's "three good", "four meetings" and "five disciplines" are the basis for enterprise equipment management, and this system must be strictly followed.

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