Principles of Diaper Production Machine Electrical Troubleshooting

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For the maintenance and management of best diaper machines, common electrical faults are analysed and the cause of the fault is initially determined by specialist technicians according to the form in which it occurs. In particular, maintenance technicians need to be asked by the operator to determine the entire fault process, and to analyse the data recorded on the diaper production machine's operating status, and to determine the fundamental cause of the fault in the light of the corresponding technical instructions and relevant technical soil samples. On the basis of this, combined with previous management experience, a reasonable maintenance programme is prepared, which is managed and maintained in accordance with professional norms to control the impact of the fault and to solve it in the shortest possible time.

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1. Diaper production machine troubleshooting sequence

(1)Check first and then energize
After determining the best diaper machine electrical fault, you need to prepare the corresponding overhaul plan, without powering on the diaper production machine for comprehensive observation, testing and analysis, to determine the nature of the fault. If it is a malignant destructive fault needs to be lifted in time, while for non-malignant destructive faults example: servo can not be powered on; simple analysis to determine exactly where the fault occurs.
(2) Software first and then hardware
After the system software failure, it will affect the normal operation of the diaper production machine, once the software parameters are lost, it will affect the software next operation. Therefore, when overhauling the fault, you need to carry out software testing first, and then carry out hardware troubleshooting after making sure there are no errors.
(3) External first, then internal
After running a fault, the overhauler needs to make a preliminary estimate of the fault area based on the equipment performance status and carry out targeted overhaul. After determining whether the components are fault-free, check whether the hydraulic components are normal, such as hydraulic components and electrical contact parts are loose, common electrical control cabinet socket, printed circuit board plug seat, etc., often because of the operation of vibration, temperature, humidity and dust and other factors affect the impact of poor contact problems, affecting the signal transmission effect, and ultimately make the operation of the failure.
(4) Mechanical first, then electrical
The diaper production machine system is relatively complex, involves more professional technology and has a high degree of automation. Based on this in its fault maintenance, should be in accordance with the first mechanical then electrical order. From the point of view of the current operating situation, many electrical faults are caused by system malfunctions, such as abnormal operation of travel switches. And system failures are easier to find, while electrical system failures require professional equipment maintenance.

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2. Diaper production machine fault repair methods

First, the intuitive method. That is, the overhaul technicians use past experience, from diaper production machine running light, taste, sound and other aspects of the analysis, the inspection of various parts to determine whether there is an abnormal impact, such as burn, damage and other traces, effectively narrow the scope of the fault occurred. Secondly, the exchange method. After determining the approximate location of the fault, if the information on external conditions is identical, the method of exchange can be carried out to overhaul and determine the part where the fault occurs, which can effectively shorten the fault repair time.

Diaper production machine electrical fault is more common in production activities, in order to reduce the scope of the impact of the fault, you need to take measures to timely diagnosis of various types of fault, to determine the cause of its occurrence, the preparation of a reasonable maintenance plan, combined with the actual situation to choose the most appropriate maintenance methods and processing technology, arrange for professional personnel for fault repair, in order to strive for the shortest possible time To remove the threat of faults within the shortest possible time, in order to continuously improve operational stability and safety, and to promote the further development of the enterprise economy.
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