Bearing Failure and Maintenance Points of Fully Automatic Sanitary Pad Machine

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The operating condition of the bearing has the most direct influence on the performance of the fully automatic sanitary pad machine, and the bearing is the key part of the best sanitary pad machine, which is also the part prone to failure under high intensity work. Therefore, when the bearings are overhauled, we should understand the frequent failures and causes of the bearings, analyze its operation status, principle, structure, and daily maintenance, make clear the main points of bearing maintenance, and carry out effective maintenance work.

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1. Fully automatic sanitary pad machine bearing frequently occurring faults

(1) Bearing color change

In the state of high load labor, fully automatic sanitary pad machine bearing will be in a high temperature operation state, its own color may appear black, blue changes. The reason for this situation is that the lubrication added to the bearing does not meet the cause, the inner ring or outer ring when the bearing is installed sliding friction, non-concentric between the seat hole and the journal, will lead to the bearing in the process of work by wear and tear.

(2) Bearing inner and outer rings produce cracks

If the bearing quality is poor or the steel chosen for the bearing itself has big problems, cracks may appear in the process of high intensity operation. In addition, if it suffers a huge impact from the outside world or is hit by a hard object during installation and disassembly, etc., it will lead to cracks in the bearing.

(3) If the sealing device fails during operation and loses its protective effect on the bearing, resulting in some external liquid entering the bearing, it will lead to bearing rust and corrosion.

(4)The ball is broken and the raceway is pitted

Because the middle distance reserved in the process of bearing ball installation does not meet the requirements, in the process of operation, it is easy to be a huge impact, if the lubricant is mixed with some iron chips and other hard objects, will lead to the bearing ball broken, in addition, if the bearing lubrication processing is not in place, the raceway to withstand the friction force is larger, will also appear raceway pits.

(5) Bearing efficiency decline

Fully automatic sanitary pad machine bearing running flexibility is reduced, can not easily rotate by hand, most of them are because the cleanup work is not done, resulting in journal and inner and outer ring with insufficient pores, resulting in fully automatic sanitary pad machine bearing deformation, operating efficiency decreased The operation efficiency decreases.


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2. Fully automatic sanitary pad machine bearing maintenance points

Strengthen the bearing maintenance

The process of overhauling the fully automatic sanitary pad machine is summarized, the maintenance personnel should first clean the bearings, and then carry out other aspects of inspection, so as to ensure that the subsequent maintenance work will not cause damage to the bearings. In addition, make a good record of the normal operation of the bearings and past failures. The specific practice is to carry out cleaning, should first place the disassembled bearings on the metal network, choose suitable brushes and other tools, the bearing around the attached debris and grease, etc. to clean up, to carefully observe the degree of damage to the bearings, timely records, replaced with new bearings.

Bearing is a kind of precision parts, it will be affected by different seasons and climate conditions of different areas. Therefore, maintenance personnel should carry out maintenance and overhaul according to the changes of air humidity and temperature, etc. Regularly on the lubricant, the quantity of lubrication in the oil pool of the pressure lubrication system as well as the quality of control, to protect the pressure lubrication system to supply sufficient oil, to protect the quality of lubricating oil, regularly checkfully automatic sanitary pad machine bearing lubrication status.


Bearing is a fixed part, in the operation of fully automatic sanitary pad machine machinery and equipment, the use of its own central role to ensure the normal operation of other parts of the shaft, is an important part to ensure the operation of machinery and equipment. The staff needs to increase the daily maintenance and overhaul of the bearings, summarize the common types of failures and measures to solve them.

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