Analysis of Position Control and Error Compensation for sanitary napkins making machine Made of Pure Cotton Material

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-04

Pure sanitary napkins making machine in practice often requires continuous optimization, development and replacement in the course of use. The following is an example of the change and adjustment process of the reference point position.


 sanitary napkins making machine

1. Position control of sanitary napkins making machine


The zero point of the sanitary napkins making machine has been set at the factory and is a fixed point that cannot be changed. Reference point is set to find the pure sanitary napkin making machine zero point during the operation of the point. This point is either co-located with the zero point or offset from the zero point and has been set before leaving the factory. If an alarm state occurs during work, it indicates that the reference point returns abnormally and cannot find the correct position, which is a fault arising from the offside phenomenon of the coordinate axis and can be reset by operating the reset button.

In fact, when the sanitary napkin making machine returns to the reference point, each time the screw rotates, the proximity sensor will generate a zero pulse. So, which zero pulse should be used as the reference signal? We can use the hardware block and travel switch mounted at a specific position on the coordinate axis as a reference point reduction switch. Because this switch allows for initial positioning, the sensor can detect multiple zero pulse signals and determine the signal to return to the reference point via the deceleration switch.



 sanitary napkin making machine

2. Sanitary napkins making machine error compensation technology


Error compensation technology is often used in the application of sanitary napkins making machine. At present, the actual application mainly addresses the ability to identify the error source and the ability to compensate after the error is generated. In the processing of sanitary napkins making machine, the actual impact of many factors, including the production workshop indoor temperature, house ambient air quality, installation errors, temperature errors, etc., in the work, the machine processor gradually recognized the space error, high-frequency error, etc..

Workshop actual processing, different classes of tools, workpieces are different, there is relative motion when running, so there is a dynamic error, for this dynamic error should also be real-time compensation, therefore, if you want to improve the level of processing, in addition to the basic static error compensation, but also should be dynamic compensation technology research, in order to meet the processing requirements, to ensure product quality.

Well, for the error compensation, the fundamental idea is the need to work through the error value through the display input to the system, input, the electronic control system for theoretical calculations, compensation parameters, and then control to compensate, so as to minimize the production of products in the shape and size of the error. Generally speaking, the CNC accuracy, its error compensation can be broken down into two aspects, one is the software error compensation, the second is the hardware error compensation, long time use, both should be error compensation to improve processing accuracy.

At present, for the feed system of sanitary napkins making machine, it should also be studied in depth for its positioning accuracy. The accuracy of the feed system is related to the whole production process and plays a great role in promoting the overall performance of the improvement. By testing the positioning accuracy of the feeding system, we can get the source of error in the feeding system, what are the reasons for its generation, how to reduce the error, improve the accuracy, the size of the error value, the proposed method of error compensation, and improve the overall performance of work. After the error is generated, theoretical analysis of the error value, the parameters of each axis of the feed system is repeatedly corrected, the correction value should be followed up a little, can improve the positioning accuracy.

 sanitary napkins making machine


In recent years, sanitary napkins making machine in various types of error compensation has been carried out a lot of research, and full progress and development, but there is still a gap in the universality, systemic, promotion and practical aspects, the future should be in how to establish a comprehensive model of error, in-depth study of different types, the establishment and development of low-cost error accuracy detection compensation methods and other aspects of exploration and research.

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