A Few Basic Problems in the Diagnosis of Elongated Night Sanitary Napkins Making Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-04

With the development of the extended night sanitary napkins making machine industry in China and with its broad application prospects, it has occupied an important industrial position in China. But for its own characteristics, the equipment to carry out high-intensity long operation, so the machinery and equipment for regular diagnosis is necessary, but the operation of the extended night sanitary napkins making machine is very harsh environment, how to improve the safety of diagnosis has become an important issue.


 sanitary napkins making machine

1. Possible risk factors in the diagnosis process of elongated night sanitary napkins making machine

(1) The risk factors of high temperature operation

As the lengthening night sanitary napkins making machine in the process of operation part to go through the process of high-temperature calcination to be able to continue to put into use, so the lengthening night machine of sanitary napkin industry can not be separated from the flame or even high-temperature calcination furnace, then the decomposition of raw materials generated by industrial slag may become a new substance, not only because of its industrial slag and small particles, uneven distribution, and may be due to its flammable and explosive nature and The result is that the lengthening night sanitary napkins making machine may explode or fire accident at any time. Production fire point around 10 meters, the presence of all flammable, explosive materials, such as, if not transferred to clean up to a safe place, prone to fire and explosion accidents.

(2) The risk factors of entering the restricted space operation

Some lengthening nights anitary napkins making machine carried out by the reaction is often in a confined environment, because to isolate the oxygen in the air to prevent the decomposition of the generated material is oxidized again, or the relatively inactive gas in the air may also react with the production process to generate less decomposable substances, and connecting the equipment between the intricate and more dense pipeline, if improper operation will be shut in a closed space Inside, if there is no other diagnostic personnel accompanied by the risk of oxygen deprivation or even asphyxiation, or confined space, heat can not be distributed, the long time high temperature may also be dangerous to diagnostic workers.


machine of sanitary napkin

2. Extended night sanitary napkins making machine and equipment diagnosis of specific measures

(1) Preparation work before diagnosis

For lengthening night sanitary napkins making machine operation enterprises, when ordering diagnostic personnel to officially enter the site, the first thing should be clear between them in the assignment of tasks, and then the allocation of diagnostic equipment, before the allocation of good preparation including diagnostic equipment, parts, spare parts and other items and good quality assurance, after which they can be assigned to each diagnostic personnel.

After these tasks are done, a comprehensive and detailed diagnosis of the diagnostic personnel should be carried out, with the aim of removing any items carried by the inspectors that may cause other unrelated reactions in the mechanical production site, such as lighters and other dangerous items. Diagnosis is correct before the distribution of relevant safety equipment for diagnostic personnel, such as safety clothing, safety masks, oxygen cylinders, helmets, etc.

(2) Safety management in the process of diagnosis

In the process of diagnosis, we must first ensure that the extension night sanitary napkins making machine are in a state of shutdown, once there is equipment in operation, the consequences will be unimaginable. In addition to turning off the power, it is also important to consider whether the internal conveyor belt has been disassembled, whether the fuse has been safely removed and other factors.

Extended night sanitary napkins making machine diagnosis process often has an extremely demanding test for diagnostic personnel, because the slightest omission is likely to cause extremely dangerous problems. So not only requires companies to have comprehensive training for construction personnel, but also requires the diagnostic personnel to have excellent field response capabilities. So the future of the booming development of the extended night sanitary napkins making machine, diagnostic personnel will do a great deal of power.

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