Machine of Sanitary Napkin Maintenance Technology Management Status and Solutions

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To have strong competitiveness in the increasingly competitive modern production and market economy environment, it is necessary not only to work on the efficiency of production, but also to do a good job of production safety, especially the production safety of mechanical and electrical equipment, to ensure that failures can be solved in the most efficient way to deal with them, and then bring great economic benefits to the enterprise. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the current situation of maternal sanitary napkin equipment maintenance and technical management, and proposes corresponding countermeasures to address the current problems.

  sanitary napkins making machine

1 The current situation of maternal sanitary napkin equipment maintenance technology management


(1) Poor maintenance management awareness

machine of sanitary napkin long-term high load operation, and the lack of necessary daily maintenance and maintenance, on the one hand, will seriously affect the production efficiency; on the other hand, it may also make the fault continuously magnified, and finally become a major equipment failure, the safety of the enterprise production caused by great hidden dangers. Not only should we pay attention to the use of electromechanical equipment, we should also see the importance of daily maintenance and repair work, and raise awareness of the maintenance and management of electromechanical equipment. To pay attention to the daily inspection of electromechanical equipment, including the monitoring of the operation and service life, and regular maintenance and repair, so that each machine of sanitary napkin can run in the healthiest state, maximize its role, and significantly improve the productivity of enterprises.

(2) Lack of human resources for maintenance management

The relevant personnel need to be familiar with the working principle of maternal sanitary napkin machinery, but also to master the process characteristics of the production process, encounter some common faults can be the first time to find and solve independently.  

(3) The lack of relatively complete mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring system

Relying solely on manual means to check the operating status of machine of sanitary napkins is certainly difficult to achieve, so it is necessary to equip these mechanical and electrical equipment with monitoring equipment. However, at present, most monitoring systems are difficult to cover all the electromechanical equipment, only part of the key parts can be monitored, the existence of monitoring loopholes for normal production has laid hidden dangers. Once there is a failure, can not be found at the first time, it will not be able to solve the problem at the first time, which will bring great losses to the enterprise production.


  machine of sanitary napkin

2 Maternal sanitary napkin equipment to solve the problem of effective countermeasures


(1) Strengthen the importance of maintenance management

First of all, as a business leader or decision maker need to change their thinking, not only limited to the current productivity, but also to see the important role of good maintenance and management of the long-term development of enterprises. Enterprises should set up a special maintenance management department to strengthen maintenance and repair management through the departmental responsibility system. Secondly, to develop a management system, through the system to clarify the management workflow and each operation specification, in the important production process to arrange professional personnel, and the implementation of the system of special responsibility. Only from the system to restrain, can improve the level of management work, and make machine of sanitary napkin management to a higher level, so as to improve the efficiency of equipment operation, and ultimately achieve the improvement of enterprise economic benefits.

(2) Adopt a scientific maintenance management model

Change management mode is not only from the concept to make changes, but also need to take action to increase investment in maternal sanitary napkin equipment management, to apply advanced monitoring instruments, configure 24-hour fault monitoring system and diagnosis system, through professional maintenance management personnel to apply professional monitoring and overhaul equipment, out of a scientific management mode suitable for the actual situation of enterprises. In the maintenance management, pay attention to the scientific nature of the management mode, can effectively reduce the frequency of failure, and extend the service life, can indirectly save the maintenance expenditure of enterprises, is the future direction of development of maternal sanitary napkin equipment management.

In short, the many current problems are not terrible, we make up and solve the existing problems by changing the concept, improve the model, establish a team and other positive measures, we will be able to comprehensively improve the enterprise's maternal sanitary napkin equipment management level, and then promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

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