Maintenance Measures for Sanitary Towels Manufacturing Machines

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-06

The operation of sanitary towels manufacturing machines depends on a high energy level, which is very likely to have negative effects on the surrounding environment, such as noise, exhaust gas, radiation, oil leakage and other pollution.

 sanitary towels manufacturing machines

1. Optimize the design to avoid oil leakage of sanitary towels manufacturing machines

After long-term use of machinery and equipment, its performance loses stability and is very prone to oil leakage problems. Oil leakage causes certain pollution to the ecological environment, is not conducive to the maximum use of resources, and causes problems such as disproportionate production efficiency and production costs. Therefore, we should make more efforts to solve the problem of oil leakage and adopt the green design concept.

In the equipment oil tank location to optimize the design, strengthen the oil tank containment capacity, and in the area prone to oil leakage to strengthen regular maintenance and sampling efforts to maximize the protection of oil economic problems.


2.Reduce the maintenance frequency of sanitary towels manufacturing machines

In the sanitary towels manufacturing machines long-term continuous use process inevitably mechanical failure problems, high-frequency maintenance equipment will bring many disadvantages, both to reduce the efficiency of manufacturing, but also increase the sanitary pads manufacturing machine maintenance costs, is not conducive to mechanical The long-term development of the manufacturing industry. Based on the economic cost perspective, adopt green design, introduce the control system with equipment fault detection function, realize timely detection of equipment fault and give appropriate maintenance, to reduce the maintenance frequency of sanitary pads manufacturing machine, improve the length of use of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, improve mechanical production efficiency, and create economic benefits for the machinery manufacturing industry. Create economic benefits.

 sanitary pads manufacturing machine

3. Construction of scientific sanitary towels manufacturing machines manufacturing process

sanitary towels manufacturing machines production process, the existence of automated operation links, should strengthen the enterprise equipment management, strict selection of equipment performance, design parts with automated energy efficiency, is conducive to improving the effectiveness of efficiency, to protect the integrity of the material. Strengthen material control and dispatching technology, comprehensive application of computer technology, realize intelligent management of production operations, improve production efficiency, and carry out automatic control and dispatching. According to the actual manufacturing needs, scientific adjustment and domination, is conducive to reducing labor costs, improve production efficiency, to ensure that mechanical production to adapt to the actual production needs.


Only continuously reduce sanitary towels manufacturing machines production of energy consumption, create a safe and healthy production chain, reach the goal of energy recycling, optimize the cost structure of machinery manufacturing, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, and achieve the common development of machinery manufacturing and ecological environment.

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