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In the current production, mechanical system plays an important role, directly affecting the quality and level of use. Because fully automatic diaper machine installation production is one of the most important factors for the smooth progress of our production projects, the quality of automatic diaper machine installation can directly affect the quality and level of use.

 fully automatic diaper machine

1.Fully automatic diaper machine electrical equipment installation

In the installation of the dynamic and static contacts of the fully automatic diaper machine isolator, the contact resistance will increase due to improper operation or insufficient contact pressure and area between the dynamic and static contacts, which will lead to electrothermal oxidation, ablation or burning of the contact surface. In the process of installing the HV pipe, the insulation of the main transformer will be reduced because the casing has not been sufficiently drained, or some trivial items such as nuts and keys have fallen in accidentally. Once the mechanical equipment is in normal operation, the local insulation will be damaged and will gradually expand, eventually leading to the complete breakdown of the local insulation. Because the arc contact finger and contact of the circuit breaker are not installed according to the strict specification, or the switch-on speed, insertion travel, contact pressure, synchronization etc. do not meet the specification requirements, the arc-out time is prolonged, the contact is overheated, the pressure is increased, and the insulation media is decomposed, which may lead to accidents such as breaker explosion.

2.Fully automatic diaper machine installation principles

In the operation process, fully automatic diaper machine installation production plays a very important role, so the installation of mechanical equipment must be carried out in strict accordance with the installation principles and operation specifications of mechanical equipment to ensure its quality. At the same time, in order to avoid quality and safety problems during the installation process, before operation, various departments should coordinate and cooperate, and the operation managers and operation technicians should jointly formulate effective and scientific organization plan to ensure the safety of organization installation operation.

 automatic diaper machine

3.Fully automatic diaper machine during installation and production

Generally speaking, because fully automatic diaper machine did not do the total assembly and load test when it first left the factory, it must be debugged before it is put into use. In addition, in order to ensure smooth and safe debugging, it is necessary to check the safety and rationality of the machine installation before the machine is powered on in order to ensure that the performance of the machine can be tested in the correct way. In order to achieve the purpose of power-on debugging, that is, to check the mechanical equipment to meet the relevant requirements, with reliability, safety, and quality of work.


4. Improve the quality of Installers of fully automatic diaper machine

In the fully automatic diaper machine installation process, because the installation process is very complex and covers a wide range of areas, in order to ensure the quality of installation, the requirements for the professional quality of mechanical installers are relatively high. In order to avoid installation errors or delay, and bring unnecessary losses to production. In addition, in order to avoid all kinds of installation problems and accidents, the safety awareness and knowledge education of installation personnel should be strengthened. At the same time, for installation operators, installation units should regularly conduct on-the-job training and qualification evaluation.


Fully automatic diaper machine installation and production run through the whole process from beginning to end. Therefore, we should pay attention to the problems that occur during the installation of the equipment and promptly propose solutions to the problems.

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