Contents of Management and Maintenance Technology of Nappy Manufacturing Machine

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Nappy manufacturing machine has developed rapidly in China in recent years, which has brought great benefits to the society. But in this process, there will inevitably be deficiencies. This paper is mainly about the necessity of the management and maintenance technology of nappy manufacturing machine for the development of enterprises and industries, as well as the content of today's equipment management and maintenance technology.

 nappy manufacturing machine

1. Contents managed by nappy manufacturing machine

In this era of rapid development, the competition between enterprises is not only price, but also production efficiency. With the continuous operation of the nappy manufacturing machine for a long time, there will be a series of mechanical problems and failures. These problems will stop the employees of the enterprise, reduce the production efficiency of products, affect the production efficiency of the enterprise, and also affect the normal work of employees. Moreover, if the machinery is upgraded due to the failure of the nappy making machine, it is bound to greatly increase the production cost of the product, reduce the competitiveness of the company, and the company will suffer certain losses. Therefore, maintenance is very important.

The grade of disposable nappies making machine is also increasing, because the more advanced machinery, the higher production efficiency and production quality. In addition, China's industry is also making little progress. The advanced level of machinery also reflects the level of industrial development in China. Therefore, how to improve the use of energy efficiency is also a very meaningful issue.

Because nappy manufacturing machine facilities have a wide range of applications, many of them are basically working day and night. In order to reduce the failure rate, extend the service life, and improve production efficiency under the condition of ensuring safety, we must pay attention to maintenance. Now the enterprise system stipulates that the maintenance personnel must do the relevant maintenance work according to the mechanical maintenance system and classification. If there are special circumstances, they must wait until the above approval before extending the period, and the extension time cannot exceed half of the maintenance period. It also stipulates that the maintenance shall be carried out according to the specified items, and the maintenance shall not be omitted or not. If any problem is found, it shall be recorded and reported.

Professional maintenance personnel and departments should also achieve "three inspections and one handover". In addition, the asset management department will regularly supervise, inspect and spot check the quality, and give corresponding rewards and punishments.

 nappy making machine

2. Contents of nappy manufacturing machine maintenance technology

At present, the maintenance mainly requires the maintenance of the nappy manufacturing machine within a certain period of time under the correct operating standards.

Maintenance mainly includes the following levels. Regular maintenance is based on the maintenance of each shift and the specified time levels; Multi level maintenance is mainly for large machinery, and the first or second level maintenance is mainly for small and medium-sized machinery with simple structure. The primary maintenance mainly includes fastening and adjustment, addition of lubricating oil, washing of filter or replacement of filter element; The secondary equipment is mainly the operator, and the maintenance personnel disassemble and inspect the local or key parts of the machine. Mainly check the sensitivity of the electrical components and instruments of the equipment. In addition, there are three levels of maintenance and other maintenance. The third level maintenance is mainly to eliminate hidden dangers, which is generally the responsibility of the unit mechanic; Other maintenance is divided into parking maintenance, running in maintenance, seasonal maintenance, etc.

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The maintenance of nappy manufacturing machine is of great significance to the production efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises must improve the attention of internal employees and managers to the maintenance of nappy manufacturing machine, increase the professional knowledge reserve of employees, and improve the utilization rate as much as possible.

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