How to Do a Good Job of Sanitary Napkins Making Machine Maintenance?

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-07

Sanitary napkins making machine in the long-term work, operation process if there is no scientific and reasonable management and maintenance, is very easy to wear and tear, not only will reduce the service life of the equipment itself, but also to the enterprise economic benefits caused by losses. Below, we will briefly introduce the problems in sanitary napkin production line and how to maintain and repair.

 sanitary napkins making machine

1.Management problems of sanitary napkins making machine

The specific management system of sanitary napkins making machine is not implemented in place. Usually focus on the use of equipment and machinery, in terms of procurement at the expense of buying international brand-name equipment, and buy the beginning of a period of time after the enterprise did bring good benefits, but after a period of time because of the lack of appropriate professional and technical personnel to carry out daily maintenance and management of the enterprise, resulting in a long time inefficient operation of equipment or "sick work ".

 sanitary napkin production line

2. Strengthen the maintenance of sanitary napkins making machine

(1) enterprises should establish sound rules and regulations and management system, strengthen the sanitary napkins making machine daily maintenance and maintenance work, must not be formalized, some equipment managers do not have equipment maintenance and lubrication ledger, only irregular occasional maintenance, do not know that this will bring more hidden dangers to their own repair and maintenance work and vicious circle. The responsibility should be implemented to the specific personnel, equipment management also have rules to follow, the administrator will be proactive maintenance of machinery and equipment, thereby improving the efficiency of management.

(2) Implementation of point inspection system. The daily maintenance of machinery and equipment, equipment management can be implemented point inspection system, that is, the administrator through their own senses or with the help of simple instruments, in accordance with the established cycle and method of inspection of a part of the equipment, in order to facilitate the early detection of equipment failure problems or defects that may arise. Regular spot checks are conducted on the key parts of the equipment to detect the operation of the equipment and make diagnostic records and maintenance analysis results. Daily spot inspection and professional spot inspection effectively combined, you can do a good job of real-time monitoring and management of the equipment.

 best sanitary napkins machine

3. Do a good job of sanitary napkins making machine maintenance data management

Maintenance data is an important element in the management of sanitary napkins making machine, each time the equipment failure mode, the cause, repair program and what accessories were replaced, the model of accessories, etc. need to be recorded in detail to keep, and regularly organize maintenance records. The daily maintenance such as the operation and maintenance manual of the product, the principle diagram of the hydraulic system of the equipment, the installation position diagram of the hydraulic components, the hydraulic management diagram, the cleaning method and cycle of the hydraulic system, the installation position diagram of the pipeline and distributor, the lubricating oil number used and other information are unified and summarized as a reference basis for regular maintenance and overhaul.


Good quality sanitary napkins making machine, also need to do a good job of regular maintenance in order to give full play to its effectiveness, many units in this area of management can be described as a hundred secrets, there is no professional staff to maintain it, more specific system to implement the responsibility to the individual, resulting in best sanitary napkins machine management responsibility gap area.

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