How to Manage Diaper Manufacturing Production Line?

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-08

The production line is the basic unit to realize the production and operation of an enterprise, and the ultimate embodiment of enterprise management elements such as efficiency, quality, cost, delivery time, safety, morale and environment. Managing the diaper manufacturing production line well is the reflection of managing the enterprise well. Therefore, the status of production line management is very important in enterprise management. Next, I will discuss how to manage diaper manufacturing equipment from the following aspects.

 diaper manufacturing production line

1. Cultivate diaper manufacturing production line manager

An excellent diaper manufacturing production line manager is an important executor of the implementation of enterprise strategy and the completion of business indicators, and a loyal practitioner of creating fresh site management. An excellent production line manager should have "solid professional basic knowledge". The manager grew up from the production line and is quite familiar with the production operation; Have "rich on-site management experience", have the desire for continuous learning and the ability to learn from practice; "Correct operation management method" is a basic manager of coaching type; "Excellent organization and coordination ability", as a basic manager, is actually that although the sparrow has five internal organs, the organization and coordination ability is very important; "Good communication skills", transactional and non transactional work, need to be solved by the production line manager.

2. Implement the standard operation of diaper manufacturing production line

To implement the standard operation of diaper manufacturing production line is to standardize all elements of production line management and establish the standard of production line management. The production line manager can eliminate waste to the greatest extent and improve efficiency by executing the standard operation. The standard job of the production line manager is the time management implemented by the production line manager, which includes: before, during and after the job.

diaper manufacturing equipment

3. Promote date board management of diaper manufacturing production line

Date board management is the most effective method of on-site management at present. It is managed with eyes. Vision represents productivity. The more thoroughly it is implemented, the more energetic the production organization is. The main functions of date board management are: Liberating managers; Process transparency; Dynamic management; Sharing of objectives and achievements; Create an upward atmosphere.

The contents of the comprehensive management board of diaper manufacturing production line mainly include: production line standard operation chart, production performance table, start point inspection table, 5S point inspection table, excellent improvement cases, 4m (human, machine, material and method) change table, safety point inspection table, daily quality information, production line problems, etc.

date board is for managers. date board is a display board for all problems of diaper making machine. The most important quality that managers should have is the ability to find and solve problems. date board management is to make problems manifest, so that managers and employees can know where problems occur, how to solve them, when to solve them, and how to solve them.


4. Do a good job in the 5S basic work of diaper manufacturing production line

Diaper manufacturing production line 5S is a basic work, which is really easy to understand and difficult to do. Many enterprises started to promote 5S vigorously, but later they were silent, and their original achievements were wiped out. The soul of 5S is still in the production line. We should completely distinguish between what we want and what we don't want. We should be able to get what we want at any time. We should check and establish standards so that everyone can comply with the standards. The benefits of doing 5S well will not be repeated. The disadvantages of not doing 5S well can be seen everywhere. The biggest harm is that enterprises waste everywhere and the development of enterprises is difficult.

 diaper making machine

It can be seen that the above aspects need to be done well in the management of diaper manufacturing production line.

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