The Maintenance Specification of Best Diaper Making Machine

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The best diaper making machine in the operation, need frequent maintenance, and maintenance and maintenance should be operated in accordance with certain regulations, so as to facilitate the operation of machinery and equipment, and at the same time according to the corresponding equipment safety and technical performance of the relevant requirements to maintain, can effectively ensure the durability of baby diapers making machine and personnel This will ensure the durability of the baby diaper making machine and the maximum safety of the personnel.

 best diaper making machine

1. Routine maintenance of best diaper making machine

The daily maintenance of best diaper making machine should be exaggerated equipment governance, use and maintenance awareness, work machine to strengthen business, technical training, improve the quality of the operating staff, so that they grasp the function of the equipment as soon as possible, strict implementation of the equipment operating procedures and maintenance procedures to ensure that the equipment runs in a fair working condition.

Daily maintenance of equipment also includes touring inspection equipment, according to the advanced, complex and intelligent high characteristics of the equipment, making its maintenance, maintenance work is more complex and demanding than ordinary equipment. According to statistics, one third of the failures are caused by human beings, and general maintenance (such as oiling, cleaning, inspection, etc.) is carried out by the operator.

baby diapers making machine

2. Best diaper making machine maintenance personnel should do daily inspection

The operator's daily inspection is also the maintenance of semi-automatic machinery and equipment, the operator is the direct user of the machine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the operator is required to perform the following daily: check all the guards work machine, cover and door manipulation is appropriate, step each axis in the whole trip, observe whether the operation is smooth, ensure that all axis limit switches work properly and adjust to the corresponding Make sure the limit switches on all axes are working properly and adjusted to the appropriate limit positions, check the rails for signs of scratching or excessive wear, check that the rail cleaners are not damaged, and touch the rails to check for proper lubrication.


3. Usage specification of best diaper making machine

best diaper making machine in the process of work affects the characteristics of the machine there are many factors, in addition to the material itself, but also with the material itself plate size, composition and plate thickness has an important role, so that affect the work machine equipment on the plate processing situation of the long and short factors. The accurate use of equipment is to reduce equipment failure, extend the life of the pivot, it has a very important position in the preventive maintenance.

 diaper making machinery

Best diaper making machine to actively do a good job of fault and accident prevention, if abnormalities are found should be resolved in a timely manner, so that it is possible to eliminate the failure in the diaper making machinery in the bud, so that all avoidable losses can be reduced.

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