Maintenance of Automatic Baby Diaper Making Machine

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The maintenance of automatic baby diaper making machine is the basis of management, use, maintenance, repair and other work. It is also one of the main responsibilities of automatic packaging line operators. It is an important means to keep small scale diaper making machine in good condition. It is an active preventive work.

 automatic baby diaper making machine

1. Maintenance requirements for automatic baby diaper making machine

Maintenance of automatic baby diaper making machine through wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other general methods to maintain and protect the performance and technical status of packaging production line equipment is called packaging equipment maintenance. It mainly includes the following items:

(1) Cleaning. Ensure that the inside and outside of the equipment of the packaging production line are clean, all parts are free of oil stain, and all parts are free of oil and gas leakage. The chips, sundries and dirt around the equipment shall be cleaned.

(2) Neat. Tools, accessories and workpieces (products) shall be placed neatly, and pipelines and lines shall be in order.

(3) Good lubrication. Refuel or change the oil on time without any dry friction. The primary pressure is normal. The oil mark is bright and smooth. The oil quality meets the requirements. The oil gun, oil cup and felt are clean.

(4) Safety. Observe the safety operation procedures, do not overload the packaging production line equipment, the safety protection devices of the packaging equipment are complete and reliable, and unsafe factors are eliminated in time.

 small scale diaper making machine

2. Maintenance specification of automatic baby diaper making machine

In order to improve the maintenance level of automatic baby diaper making machine, the maintenance work should be basically standardized, technological and institutionalized. Standardization is to unify the maintenance contents, which parts should be cleaned, which parts should be adjusted, and which devices should be inspected should be uniformly considered and specified according to the objective laws of each enterprise. The process is to formulate various maintenance process procedures according to different automatic packaging equipment and maintain them according to the procedures. Institutionalization is to specify different maintenance cycles and maintenance time lines according to different working conditions of different automatic packaging equipment. The equipment maintenance of the automatic production line shall be carried out according to the maintenance procedures. The packaging equipment maintenance procedures are the requirements and regulations for the daily maintenance of the equipment. Adhering to the equipment maintenance procedures can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

3. Maintenance contents of automatic baby diaper making machine

(1) Automatic baby diaper making machine shall meet the operation contents of tidiness, cleanness, firmness, lubrication, corrosion prevention and safety, and the tools, instruments and materials used shall meet the requirements of standards or precautions;

(2) Parts, methods and standards of daily inspection, maintenance and regular inspection;

(3) Check and evaluate the contents and methods of the degree of maintenance of automatic packaging equipment by operators.

The maintenance of automatic production line equipment is also an objective requirement for the operation of packaging equipment. During the long-term operation of packaging equipment, it is inevitable to have losses, such as looseness, dry friction, corrosion, etc. The hidden dangers of these equipment, if not handled in time, will cause premature wear and tear of packaging equipment, and even cause serious accidents.

 diaper bag making machine

Do a good job in the maintenance of the automatic baby diaper making machine, timely deal with various problems that may occur at any time, and improve the operating conditions of the packaging equipment, so as to prevent the unexpected and avoid undue losses. Practice has proved that the service life of equipment is largely determined by the degree of maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance of diaper bag making machine must be enforced, emphasizing "prevention first and maintenance based" and strict supervision and inspection.

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