Maintenance Methods for Female Diaper Making Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2022-06-21

Female diaper making machine is a very common mechanical equipment, and it is also a high-quality machine that we cannot live without. Of course, no matter how good the mechanical equipment is, with the growth of service life, there will be some problems of one kind or another, because the equipment failure and aging are really inevitable. Next, I will introduce some maintenance methods for lady diaper making machine.

 female diaper making machine

1. Maintenance method of female diaper making machine

(1) Synchronous repair method: during production, if a fault is found, try not to repair it, and adopt the maintenance method. Make the female diaper making machine continue to produce until the holidays, and centralize the maintenance workers and operators to repair all problems at the same time. The equipment is normally put into full production on Monday.

(2) Partial repair method: if there is a major problem in the automatic production line, the repair time is more frequent. Synchronous repair method cannot be used. At this time, the maintenance workers and operators are concentrated to repair a certain part on holidays. The other part will be repaired until the next holiday. Ensure that the automatic production line does not stop production during working hours. In addition, the method of pre repair shall be adopted as much as possible in the management. Install a timer in the equipment, record the working time of the equipment, use the wear law to predict the wear of vulnerable parts, and replace vulnerable parts in advance to eliminate the fault in advance. Ensure full production of the production line.

 lady diaper making machine

2. Inspection method of female diaper making machine

(1) Viewing method: check whether the appearance of the parts of the female diaper making machine is oxidized, rusted, arcing, scorched, etc. through visual inspection; Whether the line has ablation, virtual connection, short circuit and other scenes. After listening, distinguish whether the equipment has noise, muffled sound, screeching sound caused by vibration, etc. and arc discharge sound caused by pulling and closing the switch. After contact, judge whether the equipment parts have signs of heating and burning, and make corresponding repairs immediately.

(2) Test method: check whether the instruments, detection instruments and relay protection equipment meet the requirements of technical specifications, and check whether the insulation of motor and cable is outstanding through high-voltage test; Check whether there are cracks or defects in the metal material through flaw detection test, and make corresponding repair immediately. The experimental data can also be used as the basis for the temporary repair of the unit and make preparations for the repair.

(3) Routine repair: refers to the unit maintenance that is carried out regularly through a series of processes such as operation planning, fund budget, preparation of operation instructions, establishment of organization, promotion of start-up, commencement, completion and acceptance. It is usually large-scale, heavy mission and lasts for one to two months. For example, unit overhaul every five years, unit intermediate repair every two years, etc.

(4) Temporary repair: refers to the unit maintenance that is organized only after the unit is shut down without time rules. It has the characteristics of small scale, short time (usually within 7 days) and targeted maintenance. For example, the unit minor repair is mainly to repair the equipment that cannot be handled at the right time and needs to be shut down for handling the problems found by the inspection and experiment methods.

 machine to make diapers

Although aging or other failures of the female diaper making machine are inevitable, if we can invest enough time and energy at the beginning of equipment design to design more reasonable and standardized high-quality equipment, we can also extend the service life of the machine to make diapers to a certain extent, improve the service efficiency of the equipment and reduce the cost of equipment maintenance.

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