Fault Diagnosis Technology of Infant Diaper Machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-04-11

The principle of infant diaper machine fault diagnosis technology is to build mathematical model, collect data, analyze and process. The purpose of building the mathematical model is to understand the equipment parameters, so as to know whether the equipment is in normal operation. The database system for fault detection, reasoning analysis system and user interface system constitute the basic components of the expert system. Through the application of expert system, the construction level of baby diaper machine can be further enhanced.

 infant diaper machine

1. Characteristics of fault diagnosis of infant diaper machine

(1) Many parts

The main feature of infant diaper machine is that there are many parts. Therefore, mechanical equipment is a collection of multiple parts and technical elements. In this way, the connection function of each part plays a key role in equipment operation. Therefore, only a high connection function can meet the operation requirements of complex mechanical equipment. In the daily operation of electromechanical equipment diagnosis, it is very difficult to quickly find out the parts failure and determine the cause of parts failure to overhaul mechanical equipment. There are many reasons for mechanical equipment failure. The most difficult to judge and determine the cause of equipment failure is the failure of mechanical equipment parts with quality problems and the failure of electrical detection components. In addition, during the detection, because many fault problems are not obvious in a short time, the normal operation of mechanical equipment is not affected temporarily, so there is no alarm judgment.

(2) Faster updates

In the current infant diaper machine market, the update speed of mechanical equipment technology is very fast, and the rapid equipment parts and technology obsolescence rate has brought high difficulties to equipment maintenance. In addition, if the maintenance personnel are limited by learning and various conditions, if they fail to grasp the new technical points in time, their ability and technical level to deal with equipment faults will be reduced, Therefore, the mechanical equipment poses new challenges to the technical experts of maintenance and the service life requirements of equipment.

 baby diaper machine

2. Principle and purpose of diagnosing infant diaper machine

On the one hand, improving the normal operation time of the infant diaper machine and reducing the equipment failure time is the fundamental purpose of fault diagnosis for electromechanical equipment. On the other hand, finding faults through good fault detection means to ensure that electromechanical equipment can be repaired in a timely and predictable manner, so as to greatly reduce the probability of failure and shutdown of electromechanical equipment and maximize economic benefits. In a word, the mechanical fault diagnosis and real-time detection work can prevent, diagnose and record the equipment fault problems that are about to occur and have occurred, and provide the basis and reference for the later equipment maintenance and repair work, which is conducive to reducing the consumption of equipment operation time and labor cost required for equipment maintenance.

 diapers machine

infant diaper machine fault diagnosis principle first of all, it is necessary to carefully understand the parameters and performance of mechanical equipment, and correctly understand the relevant concepts before diagnosis; Secondly, during diagnosis, the components of mechanical equipment, human factors and working environment are all problems that the detection and diagnosis personnel should specifically analyze, and finally find the existing or predictive faults by eliminating the troubles of layer upon layer factors; Finally, the inspection principle can follow the order of "outside first and then inside". The factors affecting the operation of the equipment at the physical level can be checked first, followed by the screening of other components and parts of the diapers machine, which can greatly reduce the unnecessary loss of components due to physical factors.

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