Best pad making machine Common faults and troubleshooting methods

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Best pad making machine System fault maintenance is usually carried out in accordance with: on-site fault diagnosis and analysis, fault measurement and maintenance and elimination. In addition, after the failure of best pad making equipment, not only there is no alarm information, but also the information required for maintenance is lacking. The diagnosis and treatment of such faults must be carefully checked according to the specific situation, and the real cause of it must be found out from the analysis of the small parts of the phenomenon. To find out the cause of this kind of failure, we must first find its real failure phenomenon from various surface phenomena, and then find out the cause from the confirmed failure phenomenon.    

Best pad making machine

1.Best pad making machine Troubleshooting   

(1) External first and then internal

best pad making machine The reliability of the system is getting higher and higher, and the failure rate of the machine system itself is getting lower and lower, and most of the failures are caused by reasons other than the system itself. Since the machine equipment is a set of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment, the occurrence of its failure will also be comprehensively reflected by these three. Maintenance personnel should first check one by one from the outside to the inside. Try to avoid unpacking and disassembling at will, otherwise it will expand the failure, make the equipment lose precision and reduce performance. The faults outside the system are mainly caused by problems with detection switches, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, electrical actuators, and mechanical devices.


(2) Mechanical first and then electrical

Generally speaking, mechanical faults are easier to detect, while the diagnosis of mechanical system and electrical faults is more difficult. Before troubleshooting, first pay attention to eliminating mechanical failures.


(3) Static first and then dynamic

First in the static state of the equipment power-off, through understanding, observation, testing, analysis, and confirming that the power-on will not cause fault expansion or accidents, then power on the equipment. In the running state, carry out dynamic observation, inspection and testing to find faults. For destructive failures after power-on, the danger must be eliminated before power-on.


(4) Simple first and then complicated

When a variety of faults are intertwined, and it is impossible to start at the moment, the easy problems should be solved first, and the more difficult problems should be solved later. Often difficult problems can become easy after easy problems are solved.

    Best pad making equipment

2.Best pad making machine Fault Diagnosis Techniques

best pad making machine is a high-tech-intensive product. In order to quickly and correctly identify the cause and determine its fault location, it is necessary to rely on diagnostic technology. With the continuous development of microprocessors, diagnostic technology has also developed from simple diagnosis to multi-functional advanced diagnosis or intelligence. The strength of the diagnostic ability is also an important index to evaluate the performance of the machine system.


(1) Startup diagnosis

Start-up diagnosis means that every time the system is powered on, the internal diagnosis program of the system automatically executes the diagnosis. The content of diagnosis is the most critical hardware and system control software in the system, such as CPU, memory, I/O and other unit modules, as well as MDI/CRT unit, tape reader, floppy disk unit and other devices or external devices. Only when all items are confirmed to be correct, the entire system can enter the ready state for normal operation. Otherwise, the fault information will be indicated on the CRT screen or LED in an alarm mode. At this time, the start-up diagnosis process cannot be completed, and the system cannot be put into operation.


(2) Online diagnosis

Online diagnosis refers to the automatic diagnosis and inspection of the system itself and each servo unit, servo motor, spindle servo unit, spindle motor and external equipment connected to the system itself and the device through the built-in program of the system when the system is in normal operation. As long as the system is not powered off, the online diagnosis will not stop.


(3) Offline diagnosis

Off-line diagnosis means that after the machine system fails, the machine system manufacturer or professional maintenance center uses special diagnostic software and testing devices to perform shutdown (or offline) inspection. Strive to locate the fault in as small a range as possible, such as narrowing down to a certain functional module, a certain part of the circuit, or even a certain chip or component, this kind of fault locating is more precise.

  Best pad making production line          

Best pad making machine In actual use, there are also some faults that have neither alarm nor obvious phenomenon. In this case, it is not so simple to deal with. The diagnosis and treatment of such faults must be carefully checked according to the specific situation, and the real cause of it must be found out from the analysis of the small parts of the phenomenon.

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