Diapers making machine Daily maintenance

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Since diapers making machine is an important tool in the manufacturing industry, it is of great significance to the development of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the machine, first of all, the relevant maintenance personnel should have detailed information on the various operating parameters of diapers making equipment. Once a fault occurs, the detailed positioning of the fault must be carried out at the first time, and effective solutions must be determined.

Diapers making machine

1.diapers making machine Preparation before use


Before using diapers making machine, the staff must check whether the switch position of the equipment is correct, and also check whether various devices including interlocking devices, grounding devices and other devices can operate safely. In addition, relevant technical personnel should continuously improve their own operating procedures to ensure the standardization of their use of the machine. First of all, during the transportation of the machine, the enterprise should send a special person and a special vehicle to transport the equipment. During the transportation process, a series of anti-vibration measures must be taken to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during transportation. Take the principle of handling with care to avoid the bumping of the machine during the handling process. Secondly, during the transportation of parts, the relevant staff should ensure that the parts are kept level on the transport vehicle to reduce collisions with the body.

 Diapers making equipment

2.diapers making machine Maintenance


During the use of diapers making machine, the relevant operators must carry out regular maintenance on the machine to improve the service life and work efficiency of the machine. The maintenance process mainly includes the following steps. First of all, before the machine is used, the relevant staff should check whether the switch position of each device of the equipment is correct, whether the connection is tight, and whether the indicator needle of each instrument is flexible. In addition to this, check whether the device of each device can be used flexibly. Secondly, for the maintenance process in the use of the machine, the relevant operators must strictly follow the relevant operating specifications when using the machine.


In the process of use, once a fault or abnormal situation is found, the device should be turned off immediately and the fault should be eliminated. In addition, the ventilation status of the motor in the machine should be strictly monitored to ensure that the ventilation can be carried out normally and prevent the phenomenon of stagnation in the equipment. Finally, after the machine is used, the relevant operators should clean up the chips of the equipment in time, and should also add anti-rust oil to the sliding surface of the equipment, and the operating handle should be set in an empty state. After moving the various parts to their proper positions, cut off the power to the machine.


3.diapers making machine Regular maintenance


For the first-level maintenance of diapers making machine, the relevant operators will perform first-level maintenance on the equipment after the machine has been used for more than 500 hours. The first-level maintenance mainly includes operations such as tightening, lubricating and cleaning the equipment. , Relevant maintenance personnel should cut off the power of the machine, clean the surface of the machine, especially the dead corners of the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, the relevant staff should also check whether the various parts of the machine are in good condition. For the secondary maintenance, on the basis of the primary maintenance, the component adjustment and component inspection of the equipment are the key contents of the secondary maintenance, and the secondary inspection can ensure that the equipment of the machine is in good condition.

 Diapers production line

All in all, in order to improve the work efficiency and service life of the diapers making machine, the relevant staff must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment when using the machine. Through the accumulation of practical experience, continuously improve the maintenance skills, operate in accordance with the specifications, and improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise. .

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