Formulation Standard of Sanitary Pads Disposal Machine

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This standard is formulated according to the technical requirements put forward by users and with reference to the product standards of leading manufacturers in the world. The purpose of this standard is to make reasonable use of the manufacturing and disposal methods of machines.

 Sanitary pads disposal machine

1. Formulation requirements of sanitary pads disposal machine


This standard specifies the requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage of sanitary pads disposal machine.

This standard is applicable to sanitary pad machine used in port, material warehouse and other material conveying equipment.

Normative references

The following documents are essential for the application of this document. For dated references, only the dated version is applicable to this document. For undated references, the latest version (including all amendments) is applicable to this document.

GB / T 191-2008 Pictorial marking of packaging, storage and transportation

GB/T 2828.  1-2003 sampling inspection procedures by attributes Part 1: sampling plans for batch inspection retrieved by acceptance quality limit (AQL)

GB / T 2829-2002 sampling procedures and tables for periodic inspection by attributes (applicable to the inspection of process stability)

GB / T 14253-2008 general technical conditions for light industrial machinery


(1) Power supply: 380V, 50Hz

(2) Installed power (excluding rubber machine and air compressor): 150KW (for reference)

(3) Production speed: ≥ 600 tablets for 1 minute

(4) Qualified rate: ≥ 95%

(5) Overall dimension (m): 25x5x3 3 (length x width x height) (for reference)

test method

Test method according to GB / T 14253-2008 general technical conditions of light industrial machinery.

 Sanitary pad production line

2. Inspection rules of sanitary pads disposal machine

(1) Inspection classification

Products are divided into delivery inspection and routine inspection.

(2) Inspection department

Delivery inspection and routine inspection shall be carried out by the quality inspection department of the company.

(3) Inspection lot

Products with the same material number and the same model or products with the same - production batch number are one inspection batch.

(4) Test sample

The unit of inspection sample is a single product.

(5) Routine inspection cycle

Routine sanitary pads disposal machine inspection shall be carried out once a year: routine inspection shall be carried out when the main process, main raw materials and main equipment are changed and production is resumed after shutdown for more than half a year. The inspection is divided into delivery inspection and type inspection.

(6) Delivery inspection

Sanitary pads disposal machine must be inspected by the company's quality inspection department and attached with product qualification certificate before leaving the factory.

(7) Type inspection

Type inspection shall be carried out under one of the following circumstances:

When the sanitary pads disposal machine is finalized, there are major changes in the equipment structure, materials and process that may affect the equipment performance, when the production is resumed after stopping production for more than one year, when the ex factory inspection results are significantly different from the last type inspection, and when the national quality supervision and inspection institution puts forward the type inspection requirements.

The type inspection shall include all technical requirements of this standard.


One sample for type inspection shall be taken from the equipment passing the factory inspection.

Decision rule

The type inspection results must meet the requirements of this standard. If there are unqualified items, it is allowed to double the number of products to recheck the unqualified items. If there are still unqualified items, the batch of sanitary pad machines will be judged as unqualified.

 Sanitary pad machine

3. Marking, packaging, transportation and storage of sanitary pads disposal machine


The following contents shall be marked on the packing box of sanitary pads disposal machine:

(1) Company name and trademark

(2) Standard number

(3) Product name

(4) Model

(5) Production batch number or production date

(6) The signs of "fear of rain", "upward" and "fragile" shall be marked according to the provisions of GB / T 191

(7) Limit the number of layers


Generally, kraft paper lined with plastic film is used for outer packaging, and plastic film can be used for inner packaging, or other packaging forms can be used according to user requirements, but the product shall not shake inside.

The packing quantity of each box varies according to the product model, but the overall requirements are consistent with the delivery quantity.

Each box shall be provided with quality certificate, which shall indicate the name or code of the inspector, reviewer and approver of sanitary pads disposal machine.


The product can be transported by any means, but it shall not be damaged by rain, packing box and violent vibration during transportation.


The tightly packed products shall be stored in a dry, non corrosive gas and ventilated room to avoid moisture and mixing with other substances.

 Sanitary pad machine

Through the specific analysis of the formulation standards of sanitary pads disposal machine, it can better serve the production.

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