Performance and Assembly Quality Requirements of sanitary pads machine

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Through the analysis of the performance, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of sanitary pads machine, we can better know the comprehensiveness of its function and quality.

 Sanitary pads machine

1. Processing and assembly quality requirements of sanitary pads machine

(1) All parts of sanitary pads machine shall pass the inspection. The purchased parts and outsourced parts shall meet the requirements of corresponding standards, and can be assembled only after passing the verification.

(2) The maintenance of the glue melting machine shall comply with the relevant quality assurance standards.

(3) For parts with antirust surface treatment, the surface treatment layer shall be uniform without obvious delamination, discoloration and other defects.

(4) The surface of the die wheel and the surface of the attached material of the outer layer of the anti sticking roll shall be flat, smooth and free from defects such as delamination, obvious depression or bubbling.

(5) There shall be no obvious clamping phenomenon at all connecting parts and upper and discharge mechanisms.

(6) The installation and indication of each indicating instrument shall be accurate, sensitive and reliable.

(7) After the equipment is assembled, the whole machine shall operate flexibly, stably and without blocking. The rotation, transmission and adjustment device (mechanism) shall be flexible and reliable, easy to operate and without abnormal sound.

(8) The radial circular runout of the outer cylindrical surface of the transition roll, drive roll and inflatable shaft roll shall not be greater than 0.05mm.

(9) Other supporting parts of sanitary pad prodction line shall meet the requirements of corresponding standards.

 Sanitary pads machine

Safety performance requirements

(1) All exposed rotating parts of sanitary pads machine shall be equipped with safety protection devices.

(2) The installation and protection of electrical equipment shall comply with the provisions of GB 5226.1. Electrical equipment shall have reliable grounding terminals and obvious grounding marks.

(3) The action of each button and switch shall be sensitive, reliable and correct.

(4) The insulation resistance between the power circuit conductor and the protective grounding circuit shall not be less than 1ms.

(5) All circuit conductors of electrical equipment and protective grounding circuits shall withstand AC 50Hz. The withstand voltage test with twice the rated power supply voltage of electrical equipment or 1000V, LS time shall be free of flicker, arcing and breakdown.

(6) The sanitary pad machine shall be equipped with emergency stop control device and interlocking protection device, which shall work normally.

(7) The equipment shall have scrap rejection system and counting function, and shall be accurate and reliable.

(8) The control of each mechanism shall have zero position protection. When the power supply is restored after the operation is stopped due to fault or voltage loss during operation, the mechanism shall not act by itself.

(9) The production line shall set up similar warning signs such as "Beware of mechanical injury" at the parts that may cause injury, and the warning sign of "Beware of electric shock" shall be set on the door of the electrical control cabinet.


2. Overall performance of sanitary pads machine

(1) The allowable dimension deviation of the products produced by the equipment shall comply with the provisions of GB / T 8939-2018.

(2) When the whole machine is running, the noise sound power level of the host shall not be greater than 85dB (a).

(3) During no-load operation, all parts of the transmission system shall be well lubricated without oil leakage: the synchronous belt shall be tensioned without slipping.

(4) The sanitary pad prodction line

 shall operate continuously for 4H from 80% of the maximum production speed to the maximum production speed. The actions of all systems and safety devices shall be coordinated, sensitive and stable, the whole machine shall operate stably, and all safety protection devices shall be firm and reliable.


3. Marking, packaging, transportation and storage of sanitary pads machine


The sign of sanitary pad machine shall be fixed at a position where the equipment is obvious and not easy to be damaged. The type, size and technical requirements shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB / t13306, and the equipment label shall include the following contents:

Equipment name and model; Standard code of main technical parameters and equipment; Name and address of manufacturer, manufacturing date and product number.


(1) The packaging of sanitary pad machine shall comply with QB / t1588 5. The packaging mark shall comply with the provisions of GB / T 191 to ensure that it will not be damaged during normal transportation.

(2) The packaging of electrical components or parts shall be moisture-proof and shockproof.

(3) When the equipment leaves the factory, the accompanying spare parts and tools shall be provided.

Transportation and storage

(1) Sanitary pad machine can be transported by any means, but it shall not be damaged by rain, packing box and violent vibration during transportation.

(2) The tightly packed equipment shall be stored in a dry, non corrosive and ventilated room to avoid moisture and mixing with other substances.

 Sanitary pad prodction line

To sum up, the sanitary pads machine must meet the standards before it can be used normally.

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