Failure classification of sanitary pads machinery

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From a variety of perspectives, sanitary pads machinery design of the pad have similar classification methods, and there are usually the following classification methods:


1. Categorize according to the reason

1) Deterioration: When the machinery and equipment are put into operation, with the change of time, under the direct influence of factors, the parts will be damaged, pulled out, and corroded. The whole process of irreversible changes such as creep and the change of the metal material structure, the whole process of this transformation will gradually reduce the effect of sanitary pads machinery design of the pad over time, which is called a common failure of deterioration.


2) Human factors: Because the management plan is not perfect, it is applied in violation of application technical specifications and maintenance technical specifications, such as overweight applications, overspeed applications and applications that violate operating procedures. The resulting abnormality is called human factor common failure, also known as misuse.


2. Classified by duration

1) Temporary: The lack of some partial effects produced in a very short period of time cannot be applied. After production, there is no need to repair or replace parts, just adjust the problem location and repair its missing function.


2) Sustainability: The lack of function of machinery and equipment has been maintained until abnormal parts are replaced or repaired, and then the professional ability of machinery and equipment can be restored.


3. According to the speed of production

1) Sudden: due to the mutual effect of various unfavorable conditions and coincidental external causes of the machinery and equipment itself, when such effects exceed the extent that the machinery and equipment can bear, it will occur quickly. The basic feature of this is that it occurs at the same time as the facility: the change in situation is related to the time period in which the machinery and equipment has been used, and occurs suddenly without significant warning. The time of its generation cannot be estimated by initial experiments and tests, so it is also called undetectable.


2) Gradual: It is produced by the whole process of various aging. The basic feature of this is that the time period of its generation is related to the time period that sanitary pads machine has been working. The longer the machine has been in use, the higher the probability of occurrence. Common failures of this type of delay give the probability of detection, so they are often referred to as detectable.

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4, according to the characteristics of classification

1) Function: Machines and equipment cannot continue to perform their setting functions, such as the gas turbine cannot be started due to an abnormality, the gasoline pump cannot provide oil, and the reducer cannot transmit motion, etc. This problem is often caused by damaged or stuck parts of the machine.


2) Main parameters: The main parameters required by the machinery and equipment exceed the allowable specified values. For example, the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe cannot meet the requirements; the high efficiency of the transmission system is reduced; the hoisting weight cannot meet the index value, etc. Questions about the main parameters do not prevent the facility from running again, but according to the specifications of the process data of the machinery and equipment, the machinery and equipment are in a situation where the professional ability or working ability of the disaster is significantly reduced.


5. Classified according to adverse effects

1) Destructive: the safety protection equipment of the sanitary pads machinery, the braking system equipment of the transmission and other important: serious consequences such as damage to the machinery and equipment or casualties caused by the parts.


2) General: no non-dangerous factors such as damage or casualty accidents are caused. However, such a problem is still likely to lead to adverse effects such as reduced physical properties, jeopardizing applications, discontinuing manufacturing, or causing approximate property damage.


6. According to whether it is generated or not

1) Specific: common faults that have already occurred in machinery and equipment.


2) Potential: The machine and equipment itself may have anomalies that are likely to occur. In the production process, strictly abide by the application and maintenance technical specifications of sanitary pads equipment, and take corresponding diagnostic measures, which will avoid potential abnormal development trends and specific common failures.

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There are various common failure methods of sanitary pads machinery, but each of them must be familiar to the actual operating staff and managers. Only by doing a good job in maintenance and overhaul can the equipment achieve the best operating state and reduce the Casualties, property damage.

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