Female diaper machine management strategies and precautions

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Mechanical management is an indispensable part of the normal operation of an enterprise. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the further deepening of enterprise reform, the role of female diaper machine in modern production has become particularly prominent, and allocation control has also received more and more attention in enterprises. In the mechanical management work of the enterprise, correct analysis and resolution of various contradictions in the process, and good management, use, maintenance and repair of equipment are important to improve the equipment management level and technical level of the enterprise, and improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise. realistic meaning. In the control, there will be problems such as imperfect institutions and systems, disconnection between the use of new and old equipment, and unscientific equipment maintenance. This article will develop strategies and considerations for the above issues.

female diaper equipment

1. According to the needs of female diaper machine management, improve the rules and regulations

Enterprises should establish and improve female diaper equipment management institutions according to the use of equipment, implement unified planning, and be responsible for comprehensive control. Efforts should be made to combine professional management with mass management, clarify the responsibilities and authorities of professional management and mass personnel, and give full play to the enthusiasm of functional personnel at all levels.

Based on the actual situation, our company has formulated the "three determinations" system of determining the machine, the person, and the position responsibility, so that each machine has a special person responsible for the storage, maintenance and operation. Since the three-part system is the basis of mechanized construction and production, the implementation will directly affect the labor productivity, construction safety, machine integrity and utilization rate of the enterprise. Therefore, in the implementation process, in addition to the corresponding personnel, care should be taken not to change positions at will, so as not to affect the understanding and mastery of its performance.


2. Pay attention to the maintenance of female diaper machine, and incorporate it into the employee appraisal reward and punishment regulations

As we all know, the maintenance, maintenance and use of configuration are interrelated and conditional. Any equipment will fail to varying degrees after long-term use. In order to reduce the failure rate and prolong its service life, it should closely cooperate with the construction and production according to its configuration and usage. Carry out various maintenance and repair work on a regular basis according to the specified operation cycle. The equipment management department must carefully analyze the specific conditions of various types when formulating repair and maintenance plans, and take different measures according to the different characteristics of new and old equipment. For old equipment, focus on ensuring operation, eliminating hidden dangers, and timely maintenance: for new equipment, focus on improving the technical level of personnel, strengthening maintenance, and effectively ensuring performance and safe production.


Mechanical maintenance is entirely up to the staff's sense of responsibility. In this regard, incorporating management into the enterprise assessment regulations is conducive to detailed work responsibilities and arouses the enthusiasm of employees. Inspection and appraisal activities should be organized every year. The inspection and evaluation should adopt the method of irregular random inspection, so as to prevent the grassroots units from not paying attention to the on-site system at ordinary times, and then engaging in surprise responses during inspections. The inspection and evaluation results are combined with the reward and punishment system, reflecting the principle of increasing production, saving rewards and wasting losses. This not only effectively promotes the equipment control of the enterprise, but also reduces the failure rate and ensures the normal production of the enterprise.

 female diaper equipment

3. Strengthen female diaper machin technical training and select outstanding management talents

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, female diaper equipment is also constantly updated, its degree of automation will be higher and higher, and the technical content will be heavier and heavier. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to fundamentally improve the professional and technical quality of all management and maintenance personnel, it should adopt the method of "going out, inviting in, and focusing on training", intensifying technical training efforts, and selecting and cultivating a group of technical and technical personnel. The "one-specialized and multi-skilled" talents who will take care of and make careful calculations can meet the future development needs of the enterprise.


Enterprises can also focus on organizing management seminars attended by maintenance and operation personnel. Everyone brainstorms and makes suggestions to form an atmosphere of learning technology and drilling business. According to the specific situation of construction, enterprises can also use special lectures, visits and learning to promote and publicize effective experience and experience in a timely manner, and gradually improve the theoretical knowledge level and practical operation skills of personnel at all levels of the enterprise.


4.female diaper machin Management Considerations

(1) Pay attention to the improvement of the quality of technical personnel. Machine maintenance is a highly specialized technical work, and the quality of technicians must be improved.

(2) Pay attention to long-term operation and maintenance. During maintenance, reasonable operations should be carried out according to the instructions for use and the operating period, and do not work while sick.

(3) Pay attention to early inspection and maintenance. Technicians should have a detailed understanding of the operation of each element during the maintenance period, so as to "prepare for a rainy day".

 female diaper equipment

In short, we must realize that female diaper machine management is a systematic project, which requires the full participation and active cooperation of all personnel. Enterprises should do a good job in equipment care, establish a sound system, and ensure the effective operation of scientific management. The equipment management system includes organizational structure and various rules and regulations. Enterprises should grasp the central work of doing a good job in on-site control of equipment and strengthening repair and maintenance in order to exert its maximum effect.


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