Management of infant diaper mechanical equipment

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-22

Machinery management is an indispensable part of the normal operation of enterprises. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the further deepening of enterprise reform, the role of infant diaper machinery in modernization has been particularly prominent, and its management has been paid more and more attention in enterprises. Correctly analyzing and solving various contradictions in the process of enterprise equipment management, management, use, maintenance and repair configuration, is of great practical significance to improve the enterprise equipment management level and technical level and improve the enterprise market competitiveness. This paper puts forward the following problems on the management of infant diaper machinery


1. The infant diaper machine management organization and system are not perfect

Infant diaper machinery management is the business of the company's maintainers. The management department and the workshop are only limited to the contact of individual businesses, resulting in blindly simplifying the organization, compressing or even canceling the allocation of management organization and management personnel, or merging their work functions into other departments. This will inevitably lead to the disconnection between the management and the operation, and it is difficult to implement the equipment management when no one cares.

In order to facilitate management, some existing enterprises often reduce management links, or even lack a complete and strict management system. The establishment of standing books and technical archives is imperfect, and the management is disorderly. Some enterprises even buy new equipment without timely or recording, resulting in quite passive management and unnecessary waste.

 Infant diaper machine

2. Infant diaper machine there is a gap between the use of new and old equipment

With the rapid development of high and new technology, the existing equipment of some enterprises is too old, and the overall technical status of infant diaper machinery has entered the aging stage. Most of them are backward, which limits the bidding and construction organization of some large projects and the development of enterprises to a certain extent.

In order to adapt to the current situation, enterprises do need to properly introduce some more advanced infant diaper Machine at home and abroad to improve the technical equipment level of enterprises. However, some enterprises failed to scientifically formulate development plans and procurement plans according to their own enterprise development needs, and failed to correctly predict the market application prospect of imported equipment, resulting in that the procurement configuration could not meet the project construction requirements, and the new configuration was like a cold palace.

 Infant diaper machine

3. The  infant diaper machine maintenance is not scientific enough

At present, although most enterprises implement the fixed person and machine system, they ignore the fixed person maintenance system and do not clearly implement the personal maintenance rules and regulations. Because of this, the operators often just don't pack, and the maintenance personnel also deal with things carelessly. Whenever there is a fault, the operators and maintenance personnel often evade each other's responsibilities. This not only affects the output and quality, but also increases the maintenance cost and operation cost, and reduces the service life of the equipment.

In order to improve economic efficiency, enterprises often only pay attention to the relationship between output value and benefit, which is shown as reuse and light management in configuration management and use. In order to catch up with the construction period and progress, they did not hesitate to spell the equipment, resulting in the machine often overloaded, or sick operation, or even illegal operation. The result is severe wear and aging.

 Infant diaper machine

In short, we should realize that infant diaper machinery management is a systematic project, which requires the full participation and active cooperation of all aspects of personnel. Do a good job in the on-site management of equipment, strengthen the work of maintenance center and give full play to its role.

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