Sanitary napkin making machine equipment in good condition

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-13

sanitary napkin making machine Equipment in good condition means that the equipment is in a good technical state. There are three general requirements for the equipment in good condition:

 sanitary napkin machine

1) sanitary napkin making machine devices with good performance

The accuracy of the mechanical equipment can stably meet the requirements of the production process; the function of the power equipment meets the original design or specified standards, and the operation is free of over-temperature, over-pressure and other phenomena

Sanitary napkin vending machine..png

2) sanitary napkin making machine The equipment is running normally

The parts and components are complete, the safety protection devices are good, the degree of wear and corrosion does not exceed the specified standards, and the control system, measuring instruments and lubrication systems are in normal operation.

3) sanitary napkin making machine loss is normal

The consumption of raw materials, fuel, lubricating oil, kinetic energy, etc. is normal, there is basically no oil leakage, gas leakage (steam), and electricity leakage, and the appearance is clean and tidy.

 Sanitary napkin vending machine.png

sanitary napkin making machine the specific standards for equipment integrity should be able to quantitatively analyze and evaluate the equipment. The competent departments of various industries shall formulate sanitary napkin machine according to the general needs and industry characteristics, as a unified standard for the enterprise to check the integrity of the equipment.

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