Management of lady diaper machine in the early stage of use

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lady diaper machine initial use management refers to the initial use management after equipment is installed and put into use, including equipment debugging, use, maintenance, condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, operator training, collection and processing of maintenance technical data, etc.

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The purpose of strengthening the initial management of lady diaper machine:

Strengthening the management of  lady diaper machine in the early stage of use is to make the lady diaper machinery put into production reach a normal and stable good state as soon as possible, and meet the requirements of production efficiency and quality. And ask questions and give information feedback, put forward the design quality of new equipment, improve equipment modeling, and provide a reliable basis for future planning and decision-making.

 lady diaper machine

 lady diaper machine the main contents of the initial management of equipment use are:

1) Adjust and test run the lady diaper machinery in the initial use to make it achieve the function expected by the original design.

2) Provide technical training for operators in equipment use and maintenance.

3) Observe, record and analyze the operation status of the equipment in the initial stage of use.

4) Propose improvement measures to stabilize production and improve equipment production efficiency.

5) Carry out information management in the early stage of use, formulate information collection procedures, make original records of initial failures, and fill in the initial use identification certificate and debugging records of the equipment.

6) The user department should provide various original records of the equipment, including the actual start-up time of the equipment, the conditions of use, the scope of use, the damage and failure records of parts and components, and the records of early failures and other original records.

7) Research the typical faults and faults of parts and components, and propose improvement measures and rectifications.

8) For the defects existing in the original design or manufacture of the equipment, put forward reasonable suggestions for improvement, and take corrective maintenance and measures.

9) Carry out technical and economic analysis on the cost and effect of the initial use of the equipment, and make an evaluation.

10) Analyze and process the information collected during the initial use of the equipment.

 lady diaper machinery

 lady diaper machine early management can help enterprises to obtain detailed operation data of equipment to a large extent, and do data early warning and prevention and control for subsequent operation.


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