How to do a good job in the management of female diaper machine

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Modern production relies more and more on equipment, and it is more and more urgent to fully grasp the technical status of equipment. At the same time, the impact on product quality, safety and environmental protection, and energy consumption is also increasing. As a major country in the world's manufacturing industry, the contradiction between advanced female diaper machine equipment and backward equipment management has become increasingly prominent:

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1.the new problems brought by the modern female diaper machine


Hyundai female diaper machine has the characteristics of large-scale, high-speed, automation and intelligence. Large-scale production is highly concentrated, so the loss caused by failure is much higher than that of small machines, and large-scale machines are expensive and have a great impact on product costs; the high-speed machine has brought some technical and economic benefits to the production of enterprises. Some problems, such as the corresponding increase in the energy consumption of the drive device, require higher materials and automation; automation and intelligence increase the complexity, increase the number of failures and the probability of failure, and bring difficulties to the maintenance work.

2. female diaper machine full life cycle management platform

Management platform

Compared with the traditional narrow-sense equipment management that focuses on maintenance management, equipment life cycle management refers to the overall consideration of the entire process of equipment planning, design, manufacturing, purchase, installation, operation, maintenance, transformation, updating, and scrapping.

So, how should modern enterprises optimize management methods to ensure the maximization of asset value and the optimization of operational efficiency during its life cycle?

① Digitization, so that the whole management process can be traced

diaper machine the digitization of the whole life cycle management platform, in addition to being able to quickly view all kinds of information that traditional management software can provide, such as purchase date, suppliers, maintenance records, maintenance records, maintenance cycles, etc. through computers, ipads and other devices; it can also achieve All kinds of process information can be traced throughout the whole process, such as working condition information for recording workpiece information and processing parameters, and status information for health assessment such as influencing factors, process parameters, and environmental parameters.

② Intelligent, active maintenance management

diaper mechanical in the whole life cycle management work, maintenance management is a very important part. Benjamin Franklin once said that 100% remediation is far better than 100% prevention. It can be seen that maintenance management should first be preventive maintenance. Through preventive analysis and early warning, on the one hand, it can help maintenance technicians to arrange some important preventive maintenance measures in advance to prevent the occurrence of downtime; on the other hand, through intelligent scheduling of preventive maintenance, enterprises can have sufficient time Prepare for an appliance upgrade or update.

③ Visualization simplifies management

The visualization of the full life cycle management platform, including visual modeling, visual installation management, visual ledger management, visual inspection management, etc., is represented by geometric modeling of enterprise devices, which can display its shape intuitively, truly and accurately , distribution, operating status, and at the same time bind the model to real-time, archives and other basic data to achieve rapid positioning and basic information query in 3D scenes.

In short, a complete female diaper machine management platform needs to cover the management of the whole life cycle, and needs to have the characteristics of digital, intelligent and visual integration.

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