Visual inspection method for mechanical failure of adult diaper machine

Author:Haina Machinery Factory FROM:Diaper Machinery Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-23

The intuitive method is a method of checking and judging adult diaper machine faults by looking, smelling, listening and other means according to the external manifestations of electrical faults, and can quickly know the simple faults of diaper machine. .

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(1) Inspection steps for adult diaper machine faults:

Investigation: Inquire about the situation of the operator and the personnel present, including abnormal external manifestations, general location, and environmental conditions when the abnormality occurs. If there is no abnormal gas, open flame, whether the heat source is close to the electrical appliance , whether there is corrosive gas intrusion, whether there is water leakage, whether anyone has repaired it, the content of the repair, etc.


Preliminary inspection: According to the investigation, check whether there is any external damage to the electrical appliance, whether the connection is open or loose, whether the insulation is burnt, whether the fusing indicator of the spiral fuse jumps out, whether the electrical appliance has water, grease, and switch position. Is it correct etc.


Test drive: After preliminary inspection, it is confirmed that the failure will further expand and cause personal and equipment accidents. Further test drive inspection can be performed. During the test drive, pay attention to whether there are serious flashovers, abnormal smells, abnormal sounds and other phenomena. Once found, stop immediately. Cut off the power. Pay attention to check whether the temperature rise of the electrical appliance and the action procedure of the electrical appliance meet the requirements of the electrical equipment schematic diagram, so as to find abnormal parts.


(2) Inspection method for adult diaper machine faults:

Observe sparks: The contacts of electrical appliances will generate sparks when closing or breaking the circuit or when the wire ends of the wires are loose, so you can check the electrical problems according to the existence and size of sparks. For example, when a spark is found between a normally fastened wire and a screw, it means that the wire head is loose or has poor contact. When the contacts of the electrical appliance are closed or disconnected, the circuit will flash, indicating that the circuit is connected. When two phases of the main contact of the contactor controlling the motor have sparks and one phase has no sparks, it indicates that the contacts of the first phase without sparks are in poor contact or the circuit of this phase is open; the sparks of two phases of the three phases are larger than normal, and the other phase If it is smaller than normal, it can be preliminarily judged that the motor is short-circuited or grounded; if the three-phase sparks are larger th an normal, it may be that the motor is overloaded or the mechanical part is stuck. In the auxiliary circuit, after the contactor coil circuit is energized, the armature does not pull in. It is necessary to distinguish whether the circuit is broken or the mechanical part of the contactor is stuck. You can press the start button. If there is a slight spark when the normally open contact of the button is disconnected, it means that the circuit is connected, and the problem is in the mechanical part of the contactor; if there is no spark between the contacts, it means that the circuit is open.

Mechanical spark


Action program: The action program of the electrical appliance should meet the requirements of the electrical instructions and drawings. If the electrical appliances on a certain circuit act too early, too late or do not act, it means that the circuit or electrical appliances are abnormal .


Using the intuitive method can not only determine the simple abnormality, but also reduce the more complex adult diaper machine faults to a smaller scope. Therefore, as a staff member, we must master the diaper mechanical visual inspection method.

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