Positioning Accuracy Testing Method of Diaper Production Machine

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Positioning accuracy refers to the position accuracy that can be achieved by each axis of the baby diaper machine moving under the control of the device. Positioning accuracy can also be understood as motion accuracy. It is determined by the system and mechanical transmission errors. diaper production machine movement of each moving part is completed under the control of the device, the accuracy that each moving part can achieve under the control of program instructions directly reflects the accuracy that can be achieved by the machined parts, so positioning accuracy is a very important test content.

 diaper production machine

1. Diaper production machine positioning accuracy detection


(1)Linear motion positioning accuracy detection

Linear motion positioning accuracy is generally carried out under no-load conditions of baby diaper machine and table. According to the national standard and the regulations of International Organization for Standardization (ISO standard), the inspection of diaper production machine shall be based on laser measurement. In the absence of laser interferometer, for general users can also use a standard scale with an optical reading microscope for comparative measurements. However, the accuracy of the measuring instrument must be 1~2 levels higher than the accuracy being measured.

(2) Linear motion repeat positioning accuracy detection

The instrument used for detection is the same as that used for detection of positioning accuracy. The general test method is to measure any three positions near the midpoint and ends of each coordinate stroke, each position is positioned with rapid movement, and the positioning is repeated seven times under the same conditions to measure the stop position value and find out the maximum difference of the reading. One half of the maximum difference in the three positions, with positive and negative signs attached, is taken as the repeat positioning accuracy of the coordinate, which is the most basic index reflecting the stability of the axis movement accuracy.

 baby diaper machine

2. Diaper production machine home position accuracy detection


(1)Home return accuracy detection of linear motion

Home return accuracy is essentially the repeat positioning accuracy of a special point on the coordinate axis, so its detection method is exactly the same as repeat positioning accuracy.

(2) Home return accuracy detection of rotary table

The measurement method is to measure the home positioning accuracy from 7 arbitrary positions and measure the stop position, and the maximum difference read out as the home positioning accuracy.

It should be noted that the existing positioning accuracy test is measured in the case of fast, positioning, and for some diaper production machines where the windage of the feeding system is not so good, different positioning accuracy values are obtained when different feeding speeds are used for positioning. In addition, the measurement result of positioning accuracy is related to the ambient temperature and the operating condition of this coordinate axis, and a semi-closed loop system is currently used.



At present, if the choice of diaper production machine is allowed, it is better to choose the one with high repeatable positioning accuracy.



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